Put pressure to remove Najib, PAS urges rulers
Published:  Oct 7, 2015 4:10 AM
Updated: 5:00 AM

PAS lawmaker Mahfuz Omar has urged the Conference of Rulers to pressure for the removal of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak from his top executive position.

They should then form a transition government from every party to reform the country's administration, the Pokok Sena MP added.

Mahfuz ( photo ) also called for Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali to be fired, as it has been over a month since Bank Negara submitted their 1MDB findings to him and he still hasn't taken any actions.

The Rulers' Conference cannot allow their name to be smeared by the public institutions which are now operating under the intervention of corrupt leaders, he said.

"The Conference of Rulers should realise that the country's administration is now being run like the administration of a mafia group."

In mafia groups, whoever goes against the leader will be shot, but in the country's politics, whoever threatens Najib will be "cut off, threatened, and such", Mahfuz explained.

Measures to protect country and people

The 1MDB investigations are even more dire now, after the firing of Muhyiddin Yassin from the deputy prime minister post as well as Abdul Gani Patail as attorney-general, he said.

Public institutions and their officers are also being threatened, he said, such as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the police and Bank Negara.

Hence, Mahfuz thinks the Conference of Rulers should be taking even more drastic measures to protect the country and its people.

"I highly respect the concern of the Conference of Rulers but there should be even more drastic measures taken to protect the country and its people," he said.

Yesterday, the Conference of Rulers released a statement through the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal, Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, after the pre-council meeting of the Conference of Rulers at Istana Negara.

In the statement, the Rulers' Conference urged the country's leaders to obey the rule of law .

They also decreed that the 1MDB investigations be completed as soon as possible, among other points.

The 239th meeting of the Conference of Rulers is scheduled for two days starting today.

The strongly-worded statement came amid political turmoil in Malaysia, with Najib plagued with scandals revolving around 1MDB.

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