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AG, still waiting for you to clear Najib’s RM2.6b

YOURSAY | ‘The 1MDB investigation is a red herring. What happened to the SRC probe?’

AG clears 1MDB despite Bank Negara review call

God Save Us: So Bank Negara says that a crime has been committed based on its investigations, as evidenced by the central bank's letter to the Attorney-General's (AG) Chambers to review the decision to not prosecute. But the AG's office decides that Bank Negara's request is unwarranted and clears all officials of wrongdoing.

So was Bank Negara's investigation flawed? Were its investigating officers, including the governor, incompetent or misinformed about banking law?

Let's have it out in the open now. Please explain this, deputy solicitor-general (I) Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah. After all, the newly-promoted AG says you made the decision.

FairMind: The intention of the Conference of Rulers in asking for an independent and transparent investigation is well-meaning but the methodology is lacking.

How can there be an independent investigation when PM Najib Abdul Razak is still the boss and his appointees are the investigators?

Today, we see clearly the result of a farcical investigation, where Najib's appointee cleared him and his men of wrongdoing, despite a review asked by Bank Negara Malaysia. No explanation was given.

The rulers must ask Najib to step aside and request for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) with independent members. Anything less than an RCI is just eyewash and the public won't accept the results of such an investigation.

Gggg: The 1MDB investigation is a red herring. What happened to the investigation into SRC International? The so-called 'fake' leaked charge sheet was on SRC.

Anonymous_3e79: Can the report be made public? I am curious as to why no charge has been made when it's blatantly clear that money - a huge sum of it - went in and subsequently out of the country, to and from the prime minister’s personal bank account.

It's unjustifiable that such money is not declared as income, nor declared in Umno books as donation, and its use is not audited and accounted for. Impossible.

I reject the AG’s statement, and I can only conclude that impartiality has been compromised by corrupt means and that we, the people, need to demand full disclosure and a RCI on this matter.

Homesick: So, what does all this mean? Does it mean that Najib can start suing all those who defamed him and win?

Does it mean Sarawak Report , The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Asia Sentinel , Swiss and Singaporean authorities, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are all wrong and can stop their investigations?

On the other hand, what if the investigations by all the above mentioned institutions prove otherwise? I think I can already hear laughter from abroad.

RCZ: Are we really surprised? Wasn't this the very reason for Najib to change the AG? And they expect the rakyat to believe in our institutions.

Mah Kau Fan: This shows how badly broken our system is, and how deep our reforms must be to correct it. And it is not just the system we need to change, but people as well.

Anonymous_1391693662: Bank Negara guidelines state that any transfer above RM50,000 should be flagged for suspicion.

This was never done till the news was highlighted by WSJ and Sarawak Report . So, for the AG to say everything is in order and there was no wrongdoing is a big lie.

Make public the investigation papers by Bank Negara. Former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, you have to come forward to speak the truth for the sake of Malaysia.

Anonymous #97893788: Yes, Bank Negara must release its findings to the public and let the Bar Council take up the case against the government for abuse of power.

We cannot sit and allow these men to abuse their power with impunity.

Rick Teo: How could the transfer of such a humongous amount as RM2.6 billion escape the attention of Bank Negara? Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz must be sleeping on the job.

Wira: I am wondering whether their Royal Highnesses can also decree that a copy of the investigation papers be released, verbatim, to the public for the sake of transparency and good governance?

Whatshappening: It’s very strange that after the rulers said to expedite the issue, the AG the next day gave his judgment, in one sentence, that there is nothing wrong with 1MDB.

Devon: Malaysia is now truly a corrupt dictatorship. Never thought I'll see this day.

Perhaps I was too naive to think that the leader of a country would have the best intentions for his country.

It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, for the people. It’s more appropriately re-phrased as government by Najib, for Najib.

Clongviews: Those prominent, difficult characters involved in the probe have been cleared and so it is all right now for the AG to clear 1MDB.

Well, your Royal Highnesses. See? Quick and prompt decision taken.

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