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RPK should read before shooting his mouth off

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YOURSAY | ‘RPK could have done a service to society and it's a real pity that he chose not to.’

Malaysiakini is a liar, says RPK

Truth1: Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), if you actually took the trouble to properly read the piece you criticised , it was not written by anyone in Malaysiakini . It was an interview done by an independent individual.

The comments you attributed to Malaysiakini are actually comments by the interviewer and the interviewee. Malaysiakini published the whole interview, presumably with no embellishments.

And you took all the comments out of their original context (the fact that some of the comments were made by the interviewer, Antares, and the others were by the interviewee, ES Shankar) and accused Malaysiakini of saying all of those things.

What nonsense, RPK. Just enjoy yourself in England and come to terms with the fact that you don't matter any more.

Odin Tajué: Please excuse me if I am wrong. You see, my comprehension of English is not that good.

I have read the report titled ‘ Cousin's outrage led to ‘Murdered in Malaysia' book ’ twice, but all I saw was what the interviewer and the interviewee have said.

I have not seen any addition to the statements made by the two from Malaysiakini . Therefore, to my feeble mind, it is wrong for RPK to accuse Malaysiakini of repeating its alleged lies in that report. Am I right or am I wrong?

Aries46: When RPK fled to UK allegedly to avert a second arrest, Umno then accused former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of financing his escape. Now RPK in turn accuses Anwar of financing Malaysiakini .

There are too many loose ends that stand in the way of his vehement protests. If the truth of PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor’s non-involvement in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder was revealed to him during his 2008 arrest, why did he wait till 2011 to come clean and why on Umno’s TV3?

Why did he allow the matter to 'mushroom'? In fact, his early clarification may even have averted the threat of a second arrest and the need to flee the country.

Anonymous 5783290: RPK, I think you are just being sore over the word "backpedalled" preferring the word "clarification". It’s a simple matter of semantics. But the actions don't change.

In the first instance, you actually did say that Rosmah was at the murder scene based on what your informants told you. Then they detained you and about three months later they gave you proof that Rosmah could not be at the scene.

If you had "clarified" at that instant that your informants gave you false information, you would not have damaged yourself so much. But you waited three years, till 2011 - and at a critical time when the Sarawak elections was about to take place - to make the clarification, damaging opposition prospects at the election.

That is why people lost their respect for you. Was the lapse of time taken to make the "clarification" and its timing a coincidence?

Commentable: RPK, sorry to disappoint but I'm only a reader of Malaysiakini , not a stooge in any political party. Please explain one point if you may.

You allege that Malaysiakini lied and has been doing so umpteen times over for the past four years to run you down, image-wise that is.

The reason being "everything is about perception" and for that Malaysiakini is a fooking liar, fingering your blame in particular to "those opposition people from PKR".

If that is so, how come Malaysiakini is publishing your reply for all to see? Is it not that Malaysiakini is giving you the right of reply and also a fair opportunity to defend yourself?

Isn't that responsible journalism in the first place, one that should be encouraged in a true democracy?

Rubystar_4037: Malaysiakini , you do not need to put up this post from RPK's blog.

There have been many accusations against you from many quarters, and yet you stand tall as your readers are your judges and that you have stuck to your guns as being a true, honest, dependable and reliable media that does not deals in hearsays or being lopsided on reporting.

Rojak: The alternative press and political opposition absolutely need high-quality journalists to point out their flaws and hold them to higher standards than the mainstream media and government.

Unfortunately, there are so few of these. Bloggers like RPK think that they can get away with sloppy research (much of it apparently done second hand) and assume readers will accept what they write simply because of the emotional language they employ.

Of course, some people will automatically believe or disbelieve writers according to their political stance, but many more will at least consider other viewpoints if properly researched.

RPK could have done a service to society and it's a real pity that he chose not to.

Anonymous 5783290: In your latest piece , RPK, you run down MACC deputy chief commissioner Zakaria Jaafar for investigating something based on hearsay of a RM2.6 billion donation.

Don't you know that even the recipient did not deny receiving. It is no more hearsay.

Uragt: It is mind boggling that almost half of the population thinks that there is nothing wrong with a RM42 billion debt nor an unexplained RM2.6 billion in private bank account.

And even more preposterous that no one is responsible for it. Explain that red, green shirts and RPK.

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