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Ali 'Don Quixote' Rustam, who’re you waging war against?

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YOURSAY | ‘He is our modern-day Don Quixote, fighting imaginary enemies and wars.’

Ali Rustam: Silat group ready for war, if challenged

John Malott: National Silat Federation (Pesaka) chairperson has given us a preview of Umno's new theme, as it manoeuvres to pull PAS closer to it.

He said that when Malays are split among themselves, they are not seen as a strong race, and that is why they have insults hurled at them.

So, if all the Malays unite, then 'they' (and of course that means Chinese Malaysians) will no longer insult 'us'. But if they do, then 'we' are prepared to 'go to war' against 'them'.

Mohd Ali's view, of course, equates Malay unity with absolute support of Umno - that the only way to be a good Malay or Muslim is to support Umno, no matter what.

But there are many Malays who don't believe that the litmus test of their race or religion is blind acceptance of the corruption, authoritarianism, and incompetence that characterises Umno and its leadership today.

David Dass: Look at the way the UK government welcomed the Chinese president. Look at the impact of Chinese presence throughout the world.

Look at the impact of Chinese enterprises and industriousness in the making of modern Malaysia. That is not to say that the Malays, Indians and other races of Malaysia have not also made their contribution.

But why should criticism of the ruling party be seen as shaming of the Malays? Why do we continually pit race against race? What do we gain by waging war against one another?

Are there so many forces that we have to contend with to keep our economy afloat? Why do we not focus our attention and concentrate our energies on doing the things that matter - together as one.

Do we want to be like countries in the Middle East? Let us not allow leaders who are desperate to stay relevant take us on a path that will lead to our destruction.

We do not have to wage war against anyone - unless it is malaria, dengue, haze, corruption, poverty, etc.

Odin Tajué: Challenge you to a war? And you'll use your ‘silat gayong’? What foolishness is all this?

Mohd Ali, you are simply pathetic. We know you are trying very hard to ingratiate yourself with PM Najib Razak, doubtless in the hope that he will give you a post where you can rake in money by the lorryloads again.

And in doing so, you are showing us you are about as clever as a moron.

Commentable: Mohd Ali, let's not talk in hazy language. Let's be crystal clear, just so that you don't twist and turn claiming 'a misunderstanding'.

Please explain who is challenging who? Name specific names so that we all know who your enemies are before you wage your war.

In this life, everybody has dignity. Nobody is entitled to be treated as a dog, whether rich or poor. It is just a matter of how you claim your dignity and stand tall knowing you have it.

Dignity is given, not claimed. If one's action or reputation is bereft of dignity, can one demand for it?

Turvy: A kid stepping on a picture is no insult to anyone but the most insecure. Consider the harm the dropping ringgit has brought, not to mention the jokes it has created.

Imagine what people are saying about the interference with legal processes, the shameless removal of the attorney-general.

You are a puny man of no consequence and it is beyond you to restore the harm that is being done to this nation.

But, Ali Rustam, if you are a good man, deploy your forces to tidy things in your neighbourhood. Clean up the parks, restore wasted resources, etc.

Kangkung: Najib is using the well-tested method. When cornered, create an invisible enemy to garner support.

Since the red shirt episode is going cold, Najib has to revive it so that his acts of alleged thievery will not be in the spotlight.

BTN: Mohd Ali has lost his mind.

To stay relevant, he is using the age-old racial card to incite his brainless followers and even used religion as his tool.

As usual, his main 'enemy' is the Chinese. There will come a time when the Chinese have had enough of him and ask him: Apa lagi Ali mahu?

David: Where were you and your silat group when your fellow Malays lost their homes and properties during the flood in east coast?

Where is your ‘maruah’ (dignity) when your fellow Malays squander millions and billions from Tabung Haji, Mara, KWAP and the RM2.6 billion of rakyat's money?

Are these the kind of Malay ‘maruah’ you are defending? To put it bluntly, people like you and Umno are the reason Malays are losing their ‘maruah’.

CQ Muar: Mohd Ali, fancy you being a former CM talking like a mentally-retarded person. Who are you directing your challenge against? Fellow Malaysians?

If you reckon your red shirt silat practitioners are that good and ready to take on a challenge, then I suggest you organise an open tournament to all martial exponents to participate. It is there that we determine the ultimate winner or champion.

As for yourself being the Pekasa chairperson, you ought to be the first to exhibit your skills apart from officiating at the tournament by being the first to get into the ring. There'll be somebody ready to take on you, Ali.

Honestly, you are naive and childish for coming out with such statement... declaring 'war' against your fellow Malaysians.

You and your red shirt 'experts' should join the army to defend the country against intruders or outside threats, surely not any Malaysians.

Vent: An imbecilic politician cannot be expected to have ideas. But this failed politician is so intellectually bankrupt that he continues to regurgitate more of the same in a desperate bid to stay relevant.

I believe the Malays are embarrassed by Pesaka’s very own Don Quixote - the man from La Melaka.

His rants about defending Malay dignity, which is clearly not under threat, are signs of a deranged mind. Any windmills in sight?

But then cowards only choose ‘soft targets’.

Vijay47: Malaysians would be glad and heartened to know that the silat fraternity is all ready for war, though against whom I am not so sure.

Pending the declaration of hostilities in Malaysia, I would suggest, Mohd Ali, that to hone your martial skills and to keep your federation ever prepared like the Boy Scouts, you send your boys to the Middle East or Africa where there are military celebrations aplenty to keep you occupied during these dull moments in life.

You can thus partake in the vigorous activities of the Islamic State, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, and a host of other Arabs and Africans who would welcome your display of Malay dignity.

Since you are likely to be unable to decide who to support, perhaps half your volunteers can aid one side and the other half the other. I assure you a good time will be had by all. Especially us.

Harmoni Malaysia: Ali, it is easy to portray oneself as a hero to one's race by threatening war against others where one's race is purportedly insulted. Any fool can do that.

Try fostering harmony amongst the races instead, or will that be too difficult for you?

For someone who has previously held high position in government and by extension therefore represented all races here, your playing the race card in an attempt to keep yourself relevant is absolutely disgraceful.

Tholu: "Money won't be important if we no longer have our dignity," said Mohd Ali.

Nice words. So when is Najib going to step down since he has lost his dignity ever since he was embroiled in the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion controversies?

MA: Mohd Ali is our modern-day Don Quixote, fighting imaginary enemies and wars. He must have turned psychopathic since he last lost the Bukit Katil seat and was kicked out as chief minister of Malacca.

N1: This man should be arrested for inciting violence.

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