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So the Arul-Pua fight is on, let there be no U-turn

YOURSAY | 'I hope Salleh Said Keruak will keep his word for RTM to broadcast it live.’

Pua: I'll grill Arul on questions M'sians have been dying to ask

Anonymous #21828131: Now that 1MDB boss Arul Kanda has finally agreed, his boss must be wondering why.

Maybe Arul sees this opportunity as a way for him to bolt from 1MDB. He must be sick with the mess he is in and how the screws are being tightened day by day.

After all, he came into the picture only recently. Why should he be the fall guy?

Vijay47: In all fairness, it would have taken Arul some guts or even loss of face to backtrack from his earlier position of wanting DAP MP Tony Pua to resign from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) before a debate can be held.

But the big question remains - would PM Najib Razak allow the debate? While it is expected that the onus would be on Arul to answer the many questions Pua would pose that Malaysians want answers to, he too may have questions to ask of Pua.

Whether they are relevant or not is for us the public to decide. While we do not want to see a raw bare-knuckles street fight, in setting your own conditions, Pua, you lose some credibility and in fact display a touch of arrogance.

Both of you are in the ring, neither is the other's guest, we are the judge. Sadly, your demand reflects the latest in Najib's judicial procedure, that the opposing side cannot bring witnesses.

Not surprisingly, the possible ‘debate’, ‘clash’, ‘meeting’, ‘encounter’ between Pua and Arul has evoked a lot of attention and excitement though whether it will actually see the light of day is another matter.

My only wish is that under no circumstances must the event involve the participation of Ramesh Rao who has offered to be the moderator . That creature represents everything obnoxious about the periphery of Malaysian politics.

Anonymous_1394546275: Vijay47, I think Pua is not being arrogant. Given what we have seen time and again, I think he is aware of the tricks that 1MDB and the government can come up with, and simply being careful.

By the way, I do read almost all of your comments in Malaysiakini , and do have high regard for your comments and inputs. Many times I find them to be valid and often approached from an angle not seen by others.

Anonymous_4031c: Malaysians are getting excited for nothing. It's unlikely this debate will be allowed to go on. The reasons will be announced in the coming days, so wait for it.

Ipoh Pp: "I firmly believe that the biggest winners from the live discussion will be Malaysians out there who have been frustrated, perplexed and perhaps confused by the shenanigans which appear to have taken place in 1MDB," said Pua.

This is what the whole country has waited for - to see how or where our money has gone.

Before I say thanks to Arul and I hope Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak will keep his word for RTM to broadcast the ‘interview’ live.

But knowing the government, I am quite sure they will backtrack and make excuses. Let’s wait and see. For me, if it happens, it’s beer and popcorn time.

SelangorKu: I find it extremely strange that Pua wanted to have a ‘talk show’. For all intents and purposes, it is more of a publicity for Pua ‘the brave white knight’ challenging the ‘black knight of the evil 1MDB empire’.

He is the most outspoken member of the Parliament's PAC and it has the legal authority to demand even the PM and all 1MDB directors to appear before the committee.

Arul is just a hired gun employed after the fiasco has happened and the horses have all bolted from the stable. There is no reason for Arul to hide, after all he is not a party to the scandal.

DAP should show leadership by helping Arul to resolve the issue at hand instead of seeking publicity.

Shindig: My placard will read, ‘ Apa itu ‘units’?’

Sali Tambap: Well, get on with it. Credit to Arul for agreeing to participate. Malaysians are looking forward to this debate or question-and-answer session.

It is a fact that the 1MDB issue has not been handled transparently and there are many questions left unanswered. The standard answer that "we trust the PM that everything will be alright with 1MDB" is simply a lame attempt at stonewalling.

Anonymous_1394546275: This is not a debate, it is a Q&A session, with the host having the right to ask questions.

Arul have said, more than once, that he is not a politician, and given that as the head of 1MDB, his job as a professional is to answer questions that is being raised.

If 1MDB has done no wrong, what is there to fear. Answer the questions. We, Malaysians, will be the judge.

Obs: Arul, let the rakyat remind you that if the interview happens, answer all questions directly.

Do not deflect them by saying, for example, the matter will be explained in the official audit report; this is the purview of the so-and-so department; it’s protected under banking secrecy law or confidentiality clauses in agreement with other parties, etc.

Gaji Buta: I’m personally more interested in questions Malaysians have for the PM, rather than 1MDB.

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