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First raid the DPP’s home, then promote him

YOURSAY | ‘Maybe the SOP is to ransack an officer's home before promoting him.’

Nancy confirms MACC prosecutor transferred internally

Odin Tajué: De facto law minister Nancy Shukri, the deputy public prosecutor attached to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) special operations division, Ahmad Shazalee Abdul Khairi, was promoted as an excuse to get him out of the special operations division and thus stop him from further investigating the alleged theft of RM50 million (RM42 million of which was transferred into PM Najib Razak's personal bank account) from Strategic Resources Company (SRC) International.

Your talk of good intentions (of the government to promote him) and the rest of it is all hogwash.

GE14NOW!: The trouble with Nancy is that any such moves during the process of the investigation will be construed as a form of a bribe to induce the person to treat the ‘chief fundraiser’ (the accused) more favourably. Surely you should know that by now.

Justice must be fair and must be seen to be fair. It is therefore stupid of you folks to do this as it does not look good at all.

If you had really wanted to promote him, you could have back paid the person after the investigation is over.

But such things would not and could not have crossed your mind because doing the right thing is alien to you, while ‘bribing’ is not.

Anonymous 109681439536914: In other words, he is kicked upstairs - promoted in Nancy's words - so that he will not be involved in the SRC investigations, right?

Anonymous 2028781434694491: Maybe it is going to be the SOP (standard operating procedure) is for the government to raid and ransack an officer's home and office before promoting him.

Jesse: No one trusts what the government says and hence constant speculation as to its intentions. Too many lies have been exposed.

George Orwell wrote: "At a time of universal lying, telling the truth is revolutionary act."

If the PM had sourced 'donations' from foreign sources to finance a general election, it is illegal and it is indeed activity that is detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

How come there is no action taken against him by police or the AG (attorney-general)? It seems like Malaysian patriots trying to expose wrongdoings are the ones being prosecuted and persecuted.

Clongviews: Lately, it looks like investigators and officials involved in 1MDB, SRC and the RM2.6 billion scandal are either promoted or retired due to health problems.

Buttman: This is exactly the same way Pulai MP Nur Jazlan Mohamed was "promoted" to keep him from continuing as the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) head.

Once they have tasted the special perks of being part of the syndicate, they can't turn back, just like how Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) was turned over by the sudden exposure to the super luxurious lifestyle every PM enjoys.

Kawak: Nancy, under what provision of the law which says transfer of civil servants is a secret?

6th Generation Immigrant: It would have been much easier if everyone in the administration just speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.

Half-truth and inconsistent facts always require more half-truth as supporting statements to follow up on the initial statements.

No one knows what’s real anymore, and if that was the aim, we are no different from criminals when they are questioned - they usually lie.

Anonymous 122461436161429: Nancy and AG Mohamed Apandi Ali appeared to be lying. And for what? To protect Najib who has been found with billions in his personal account?

Both the de facto law minister and AG know very well the SRC money allegedly found in PM’s bank account is CBT (criminal breach of trust) and therefore they are complicit in the cover-up.

I just can't understand why they compromise their reputation, their religious beliefs and their integrity as civil servants just to protect an alleged crook who is destroying the country.

They would be heroes if they didn't. Now that are seen as crooks, too.

Vijay47: Wow! Suddenly the government is displaying a huge amount of good intentions.

Just last week they transferred out a DPP (deputy public prosecutor) and before that, about three months ago, they abruptly retired the AG for his own good.

And of course, we all still remember how a couple of years ago the saints in the police department arrested Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for her own protection.

And ungrateful persons still insist that our benevolent government is up to no good.

Good Governance: Now that Shazalee has been promoted why can't he be allowed to continue investigating the SRC scandal?

After all, he has already done so much already.

Bluemountains: The PAC was rendered impotent when some of its members were promoted to deputy ministers.

Now a key member of the MACC special operations division is also promoted. Is it a mere coincidence?

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