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If Annuar has ‘T’, he should debate Rafizi over Mara

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YOURSAY | ‘And why not a debate between Mahathir and Najib and see who has 'T'?’

Annuar: Wan Azizah should debate since Pua lacks 'T'

Matt Melabun: Ketereh MP Annuar Musa had better worry about Mara's property purchases in Australia.

That will come up sometime soon. It will be interesting, too, to see whether Annuar has the "T" (telur) then.

But the way, given that Annuar has been apple-polishing ‘ Roti Bertelur ’, the Mara case may not even come up.

After all, there are endless possibilities in Malaysia. Am I right, Annuar?

Aries46: First 1MBD boss Arul Kanda tried to wriggle out of Tony Pua's challenge with his silly condition that the Petaling Jaya MP must first quit PAC (Public Accounts Committee) but he then relented, apparently arm-twisted by his political masters into accepting to save face probably with the assurance they will get Pua out of the way.

The Parliament speaker than got in the act, took the cudgel and laid the same condition as Arul, hoping to scuttle the debate.

But DAP turned the tables with the proposal to retain Pua in PAC and to find a suitable replacement to debate Arul.

So the master plan to scuttle the debate and rescue Arul backfired and he is back to square one.

Annuar’s unproven slew of claims about 1MDB’s lofty affairs and of multiple investigations are concocted lies as all incriminating probes have been clamped down and dismantled.

And his comment on Pakatan Harapan leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is uncalled and a reflection of the gutter politician that he is.

CQ Muar: Annuar, why is it so difficult to respond to the 1MDB issue to clear all doubts surrounding it once and for all?

If PM Najib Razak is free of guilt, for God's sake, stop imposing all those conditions and get on with the debate.

Don't you reckon this country had suffered enough with all those scandals and corruption under the BN-led government, Annuar?

Annuar, just one other thing. Why suggest opposition leader Wan Azizah to face off against Arul? How about fielding Najib against an opposition leader of their choice?

Democracy: Why not a debate between former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Najib and see who has no 'T'?

Patriot1: How can someone with absolutely no sense of accountability heads Mara, which is supposed to produce the next generation of Malay leaders?

The debate is about answering many questions the public want to know that have not been answered.

Pua is one of the few members of PAC who technically understands the investigation and dares to question while most of the rest are Umno appointees who are there to ensure sensitive issues are not raised.

Visu: Annuar, why don't you do a public debate with Rafizi on the Mara issue? Frankly Malaysians have never been more convinced than ever that all Umno ministers are eunuchs.

Drngsc: 1MDB is being investigated but the investigation is being blocked at every possible turn. This is called managed investigation.

The whole country can see that. How many people has been sacked, transferred, suspended, forced to resign? And you still have the gall to say that there is an investigation?

Gaji Buta: Annuar, the debate/talk is to get facts on how 1MDB finances were managed, and not to determine if Pua got balls or if Wan Azizah is a puppet. ‘Ada paham’ (understand)?

Vijay47: Don't these Umno characters like Annuar even know that when you go into battle, you do not distribute to your enemy diagrams to the weak spots in your defence?

Thus we have imbeciles coming out with they believe are heroic challenges like asking Wan Azizah to debate with Arul.

If leadership in a political party is the requirement for participation in a debate, then direct involvement in the scandal at hand would be a much more relevant condition.

So Annuar, why not you invite your leader, Najib, to lead the charge against Wan Azizah or anybody else for that matter?

And while you are at it, you could also enlighten the public on the real estate market in Australia and if I am not mistaken, England.

Anonymous 2368651442807108: Now who is no ‘T’?

The person who dared not question the boss for wrongdoings or the person who called for debate but may have to call it off for the sake of remaining in PAC.

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