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Hadi offered to form S'gor gov't with Umno, claims Husam
Published:  Nov 6, 2015 10:56 AM
Updated: 5:35 AM

Former PAS vice-president Husam Musa has alleged that party president Abdul Hadi Awang had tried to form a unity government with Umno in Selangor.

Although the Salor assemblyperson, who still remains in PAS, did not disclose the time frame, it is believed he was referring to the period when former MB Khalid Ibrahim was removed last year.

Husam ( photo ) said Hadi admitted to this move (having PAS and Umno form a government in Selangor).

“Our president has admitted that he had offered two or three PKR assemblypersons to join PAS to form a state government in Selangor with Umno.

“This he had disclosed in the open when asked. If the president (Hadi) wants to get angry with me for disclosing it, then go on.

"The president admitted if they have the numbers they will form a government with Umno in Selangor. The PKR assemblypersons also admitted it to their party.

“If Hadi wants to deny it, then go ahead, but if he wants to ask me why did you reveal it, I would ask him why he made such a move,” he said.

Husam was speaking at a ceramah at Pasar Mulong, Nilam Puri and the video of his speech was uploaded this morning to his Facebook page.

PAS initially had 15 seats in Selangor before the MB debacle last year.

But two of its assemblypersons, namely Hasnul Baharuddin of Morib and Saari Sungib of Hulu Kelang, are now with Parti Amanah Negara which was formed recently.

If PAS were to form a government with Umno (12 seats), then it would have 27 seats. With three additional assemblypersons from PKR, PAS would obtain 30 seats to form a simple majority in the 56-seat state legislative assembly.

Should not mix honey with faeces

Husam further expressed concern over where PAS is heading to under the leadership of Hadi.

"How is PAS going to form a working relationship with Umno as the positions in the cabinet are all filled up?

“Would PAS representatives (MPs) become advisers with minister's salary?” he asked.

Husam further questioned Hadi's meeting with Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali ( photo ) and queried whether PAS is an Islamic or a Malay party.

Even Selangor PAS, he said, had to issue a statement to say that the state PAS is not accepting the cooperation with Perkasa.

“What does this mean, the cooperation (that Hadi) alleges is not a party decision?

“If you want to make such a decision, call for an EGM and bring it properly through motions. Don't make individual decisions,” he said.

Husam also said that he and former deputy president Mohamad Sabu are in the present state due to their strong objections on certain matters in PAS.

He also questioned the party's cooperation with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Supporting Najib is akin to mixing honey with faeces as the person is known to be corrupted and have been abusing his powers.

“If we have a barrel of honey (with an Islamic party like PAS) and a cup of faeces, do we want to mix it and eat it?” he asked the crowd, to which they replied 'no'.

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