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Isma frowns on halal trolley proposal
Published:  Nov 14, 2015 7:38 AM
Updated: 8:53 AM

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman is not rolling with the government's proposal to compel supermarkets to provide separate trolleys for non-halal products.

Domestic Trade, Co-operatives, and Consumerism Minister Hamzah Zainuddin has said the government is mulling laws on this.

Abdullah Zaik, however, believes that the proposal is impractical.

"Islam is not about making things difficult," he told The Star.

Instead, he proposed that porcine-based products be sold at separate premises altogether.

“And customers also have an option to shop elsewhere if operators failed to check on the risk of porcine contamination,” he said.

MIC Youth chief R Sivaraajh told the daily that the move did not reflect moderation.

MCA's Religious Harmony Bureau chief Ti Lian Ker also criticised the proposal, saying it promoted segregation.

“For a long time, Muslims and non-Muslims had co-existed without such rules. Now, these rules that separate us is given credence," Ti reportedly said.

Major supermarket chain NSK has implemented the non-halal trolley policy for several years.

Malaysiakini 's checks found that Muslim and non-Muslim customers are happy with the policy.

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