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When it comes to sex, PKR-Umno-PAS all in same bed

YOURSAY | ‘It is the moronic Malaysian male mentality that is the cause of our problems.’

PKR MP: 'Sexy attire' of athletes may lead to illicit sex

RM2.6billion Duit Haram: Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid (PKR-Lumut), you must have a very uncontrollable sexual appetite.

It is unimaginable that one goes to watch sporting events and get sexually aroused. You might be the exception to the rule.

Eyespye : How stupid. Then how is it possible for Muslim men to continue watching women's sports?

In fact, you can't watch any Western programmes because women on TV don't cover their cleavages, they don't bother to hide their curves and some wear stiletto heels and show off their ankles.

So how? Why is it necessary for Muslim women to cover their aurat, but it's not necessary for non-Muslim women?

Soon they will demand non-Muslim women to cover up also, or else it will lead to zina (adultery).

Chipmunk: Mohamad Imran, if everything that a Muslim man sees is construed as potential causes of zina , then it is confirmed that people of your thinking are truly perverted.

If that’s the case, all Muslim men must be banned from viewing sports and sports channel.

Imagine football players wearing tights when playing.

Stig: Most people would look at the attire that these exceptional sportswomen wear and attribute it to the particular sports they are involved in without any further thought.

Only those with a warped mind would look at these women and deduce that that their particular attire is sexy and would lead to illicit sex.

The only rational explanation is that these people who connect everything to sex have male reproductive organs for their brains.

Abasir : This threesome - PKR, Umno, PAS - have no problems getting into the same bed when it comes to matters of sex.

One may say it is their lowest common denominator - the one thing they lustily agree with one another, the one thing that is foremost in their minds.

Onyourtoes: Mohamad Imran, so you watch women’s tennis and basketball for the pom pom girls? Do you get aroused when watching?

You know what; suddenly I realise it is not BN, PAS or PKR that is the problem. It is the moronic Malaysian male mentality that is the cause of the problems in this country.

Anak JB: When Rome is burning, all these mindless politicians care about is how one should dress up. Focus on your work, and not the woman’s body.

The Analyser: What exactly is Mohamad Imran's interpretation of illicit sex? Does he wish to impose his standards on the rest of Malaysia, or will he rely on the common law definition of what is legal or illegal?

Here is a perfectly good example of how democracy will never work in Malaysia. One man whose job is to represent the people of his constituency thinks that he can impose his standards on the whole country.

He is not in Parliament to air his outdated repressive idea; he can do that down at the local mosque.

Wsoi : To a crooked-minded fellow, even if the woman wears three layers, he would visualise her as naked. It’s not so much of the clothing, it’s the animal mindset the MP has.

Anonymous_1421406986: A sex maniac has no place in the arena of sports. A passionate athlete upholds the highest standard of discipline. Most athletes preparing for high-level sports observe abstinence from sexual activities, including during the training period.

I feel sorry for the PKR lawmaker. How did the intelligent leaders bring in such brilliant fools into the party?

If we want athletes, especially the women, to be dressed in religious-like attire, please avoid holding international sports events in Malaysia.

Oh Ya?: It is a big surprise that that PKR, a party that proclaims moderation, is having this kind of MP. He might as well join PAS or the ultra-conservative faction of Umno.

Asitis : If you are so worried about your afterlife but cannot control your lust for the human form, then lock yourself at home or wear a blindfold if you really must leave your home.

And while you are at it, you might as well also cover your ears and nose and tongue for good measure.

But don't expect others to change the way they dress just so that no lust can be aroused in your perverted mind.

You are responsible for your own lust. Don't expect others to control it for you. If you cannot control it, then the problem is yours and yours alone.

Don't blame others (and how they dress) for your own weaknesses. Malaysians for the most part know how to dress decently and appropriately to suit the time and place.

We don't need these religious bigots and their twisted minds to tell us how to dress.

ConstitutionIsSupreme: Is MP Imran saying that man cannot resist the temptation to have all kinds of undesirable thoughts when watching lady athletes competing on the field?

If so, whose fault is this? The man or the athlete?

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