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Don’t put hope in Obama to chastise golf buddy Najib

YOURSAY | ‘Surely Obama could tolerate Najib, as long as it serves US interests.’

Obama to raise concerns on opposition in Malaysia

Vijay47: Perhaps due to the heady diet of John Wayne and the United States cavalry that I grew up in, I always believed, to my great regret, that America - home of the brave, land of the free - would sally in and save the good guys and the pretty miss before the fade out.

Democracy and freedom are nice stuff to preach about to the world but the reality is that the US has often, frequently, backed despots and dictators when it served their interests.

If North Korea were to offer the US a naval or air base in that country, President Barack Obama would suddenly be praising Kim Jong-un as the next big thing after Santa (Claus, not Singh).

By dallying with Najib three times in two years and golf, if you don't mind, Obama has merely given credence to and legitimised the cesspool of evil that Umno is.

With Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) looming, issues like gross gerrymandering, persecution of the opposition, and daylight robbery would no longer matter and like poor Parameswara, never existed.

Come on, guys, what's a couple of billion bucks between friends?

Spinnot: Indeed, if Uncle Sam could tolerate the Shah of Iran, Augusto Pinochet (Chile), and Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), surely he could tolerate Najib, as long as it serves US interests.

Anticonmen: The US is only interested in protecting their intellectual property rights and money under the TPPA agreement.

They know we live under a subtle dictatorship and not a democracy but for their financial interests, they will bend their principles on democracy.

The Analyser: Why is there so much animosity against Obama in Malaysia? He has done nothing to alienate anyone in this country.

His TPPA agreement is definitely pro-US, but what would you expect from any leader. He's not trying to impose his agreement on anyone and has negotiated at length on the deal. The final decision is up to the participating countries.

Is this hatred just a hangover from the Mahathir era when the hate-filled old man wanted everyone to hate everything he hated? Or is it just another symptom of the rampant racism that is common throughout Malaysia.

Had any of Malaysia's PMs got anywhere near approaching Obama in terms of freedom, democracy or care for his people and his country, Malaysia would be a completely different country - a country where people would strive to live instead of leave.

CQ Muar: Personal friendship aside from the golf session they had in Hawaii, we hope Obama will quiz Najib with regard to all those allegations about the 1MDB debt and RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal accounts.

Among other issues, for example, unjust detentions and interrogation of dissidents especially the opposition, raiding of media premises, accusing Bersih 4 for attempts to overthrow the government, detaining student activists and others.

These are all practices against the principles of a free and democratic nation. If the president is to be viewed favourably as a world leader, he must see to it that justice and freedom do prevail in this country like other nations.

Najib kept denying any wrongdoings. If so, where is the RM2.6 billion which was 'secretly' deposited into his personal accounts? Where did the billions hail from, and what right has Najib the liberty to transfer the hefty sums into his personal accounts?

While sources claim the money was a 'donation' from the Middle East, what was the purpose of the donation?

There's got to be a reason and objective to donate such a fabulous sum, but no explanation has been forthcoming.

Obama must urge for democratic reforms in M'sia

FellowMalaysian: As the head of the opposition, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has shown her mettle in her impassioned plea to Obama, who is here on his second trip to Kuala Lumpur.

She has succinctly summarised the grave concerns of our blighted nation whose government has seemingly abandoned democratic principles and practices in its desperate attempt to hold on to power.

As the leader of the free world, it is hoped that Obama will take necessary actions to promote confidence of the people in the government by restoring good governance, transparency and ensuring that equitable and fair practices are being followed.

Debater: Although I really like to see real democracy in Malaysia we should not involve a foreign power in our fight.

The other reason is that there will be strings attached. We will be slaves to a foreign country. Thirdly, it might create a mess in the regime change.

So fellow Malaysians, we should fight on our own to change Malaysia for the better.

Anonymous 2299391436500295: Obama needs only utter a few words about accountability, true freedom of speech and equal rights for all citizens, and Malaysians will curse him for "interfering with our affairs", and then complain that he didn't try the local hawker food.

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