Malaysian ministers say the darndest things - 2015 edition

KINIBIZ The year 2015 was one of great amusement for this particular Tiger, considering the amount of gaffes and faux pas by the governmental administration and members of parliament of Malaysia. The comments have, in their time, brought about responses of incredulity from the rakyat, though there were also responses of “I’m not surprised”.

Still, while Malaysia’s administration has admittedly committed multiple gaffes over the years, 2015 has made its mark in the history books, chock full of remarks that have drawn ridicule and derision from the rakyat.

One particular gaffe that struck this Tiger as immensely memorable in the improbability of its scale of implementation was the suggestion by Salleh Said Keruak, Malaysia’s communications and multimedia minister.

Salleh had urged for Malay to be the lingua franca of the Asean region. In all honesty, when Tiger heard of this, the first thing that came to mind was the scale of implementation this would require, considering the common language in use by the region is English.

The good minister had a good basis, in that a community should speak the same language. However, with a community the size of Asean, with the number of people involved, it is just not feasible! (Tiger refrains from comment on the choice of language, as Tiger very much enjoys his freedom.) Tiger would also like to point out that this is also the minister who said Malaysians preferred slower, cheaper Internet, so Tiger will leave the conclusion to the reader.

At the same time, there is one name that seems to pop up regularly, especially in his comments about the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Yes, Tiger is talking about Malaysia’s deputy finance minister, Ahmad Maslan. Despite his 3.85 GPA, the good minister has managed to make statements such as “products will be cheaper post-GST”, as well as asking students to cook their own food rather than eating out.

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This article was written by Xavier Kong.

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