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‘Obama a fair weather friend, we determine our own future’

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YOURSAY | ‘The fight for a better Malaysia rests solely on the shoulders of Malaysians.’

Bersih slams US 'hypocrisy' after meeting with Obama

Simple Malaysian: As said by other Malaysiakini readers, US President Barack Obama's interest is the United States, not Malaysia.

He needs Malaysia's support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), period. In his discussions with Najib, they probably agreed on this - "you help me, I help you."

However, I would like to urge Obama to look beyond this and reflect on what happened to Iran since the time of the Shah and now look at what is happening in Syria. There are also many other instances in history in between that can be reflected upon.

These lands have become the birthplaces for violence and violent uprising and many people - US citizens included - have suffered the consequences.

The Analyser: So Bersih is back to calling themselves an electoral lobby group again. Are you starting to realise that your dalliance with politics didn't pay off? What do you realistically expect from Obama?

From a diplomatic point of view, he is bound to nominally support a democratically elected government. He has no diplomatic responsibility to a disorganised, directionless, dictatorial opposition.

I don't even know what the opposition is, other than a collection of egos seeking power, so you can't expect Obama to recognise them.

Gaji Buta: Compared to other banana republics and Muslim majority countries, Malaysia is doing relatively well.

This is probably the reference the West uses when evaluating the situation here. So if it ain't broken yet, why try to fix it?

Roger 5201 : Obama for all his oratory skills, power and influence as the biggest champion of democracy is nothing but an empty vessel.

His order of priorities when it comes to Malaysia are: 1) TPPA, 2) ISIS, 3) China, 4) human rights, 5) free and fair elections, and 6) democratic principles.

Multi Racial: It is too naive of Malaysians to expect US to solve our problems when they could not even solve their own problems.

Look at what happen in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria when US and other Western superpowers intervene? They are making bad countries worse.

We need to acknowledge that the present BN government is not just inefficient but also full of scandals and corruption. We need implement major reforms in our government and administration.

But don't expect others to do it for us if Malaysians refuse to stand up against the wrongs and choose the right.

Wake up, Malaysians. This is our country. If anyone who is working against the interest of Malaysia and Malaysians, we should not vote such people into office.

Make GE14 our target to change. Everyone should make an effort to educate our relatives, friends and fellow Malaysians so that all are aware what is going on. And vote wisely.

Iiiizzzziiii: Welcome to the real world where cash is king. This has always been the god of capitalism.

US is a capitalist society first, a democratic nation second. Many of the past US presidents were elected on the back of corporate America leaders and once elected, they had to return favours to them.

Democracy and human rights are just devices for US government to interfere or justify their actions or policies in some targeted nations.

Iran and Iraq are good examples although there are many more countries. The fate of a nation lies in the hands of its people.

Ultimately, change can only take place from within, never from without. The question is how badly do we all want to change?

Old Timer: Obama is a hypocrite. a sham. With president like him, US is losing its influence in the world.

Who can trust the US when money talks louder than human rights, integrity, equality, justice, clean governance, etc?

Vijay47: Now that the party is over, the ketupat has gone cold, and The Beast has returned to its lair, a few things are very clear.

First, Obama, great speeches and all, was here purely for extracting the best for the US. That no doubt would be expected of the American president.

But please, we can do without his pious preaching and his sermons on what makes the world go round and this has always been the name of the game - to paraphrase Rap Brown, selfishness is as American as cherry pie.

All principles and values go out the window when American interests are at stake.

Secondly, the fight for a better Malaysia rests solely on the shoulders of us Malaysians ourselves. We live, we die, on our own.

Many are the fair weather friends who will promise to sing, dance, and strive with us but when push comes to shove, they will all look the other way.

Thirdly, there is still that matter of RM2.6 billion to account for.

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