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A hard of hearing Najib over Obama’s advice

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YOURSAY | ‘Obama’s advice will be ignored - a case of in one ear and out the other.’

Obama tells Najib to clamp down on corruption

Kingfisher: Whatever the form of complexion and spin that is being presented by the local press, both mainstream and online, on matters related to corruption and fundamental freedoms in Malaysia, the United States president has tacitly, with the strength of his conviction and with due diplomatic dignity, clearly implied that all seems not well with the pervading culture of governance in this country.

It is now the onus of those in power locally as to whether their repeated calls to protect and promote the dignity of races and religions in the nation will be persuaded by this polite but unequivocal finger pointing at corruption and inadequacy in good governance.

Obviously the politicians are in the public eye, both locally and internationally, and it requires shared commitment and responsibility to demonstrate collective accountability to uphold democratic values and good governance as enshrined in the nation's constitution.

Bluemountains: What is there to clamp down on, Mr Barack Obama? After all, PM Najib Razak did not use public funds for personal gains.

And the RM2.6 billion found in his personal bank accounts was a donation from a wealthy Middle Easterner.

Hbasill: Obama is wasting his time and is a cunning politician. Najib is not bothered when Obama makes a general statement such as this on corruption.

Never put your hope on foreign leaders to change your leader.

Mushiro: The way Obama said he raised the issue of corruption with Najib - just as he advised other leaders elsewhere - tells us that it was a half-hearted attempt just to fulfil his commitment earlier that he would raise the matter when in Malaysia.

It is clear that Najib's alleged corruption is a Malaysian problem, but for a leader of a superpower country not willing to really reprimand Najib for such a colossal wrongdoing, for trampling on human rights and hindering democracy smacks of hypocrisy.

Instead, Obama prefers to take advantage of Najib's problems to expedite American interests at the expense of Malaysia’s.

Anonymous #70881335: President Obama, you disappoint us.

We were thinking at least you can be firm on your stand against corruption, failing which, you will take steps to avoid the company of the less desirables.

But no, you are almost apologetic in what you said.

Hamzah Paiman: Yes, so much for the most powerful man from the most powerful country.

You can advise all you want but Robert Mugabe would remain Robert Mugabe. No superpower is going to change that.

Anonymous_1416272691: Indeed, what a shame, coming from a superpower, coming here to suck dry the blood of the poor.

Taking away more from us of what was left and behaving like what turkeys would do when an injured turkey is in their midst. All the other turkeys would peck at the injured part until the poor turkey is dead.

You came here trying to sweet talk us but with your ears closed and your eyes shut to all the electoral gerrymandering, human trafficking, intolerance to dissent, abuse of human rights, denial of the right to peaceful assembly, the issuing of threats of racial violence, grand corruption, etc.

Mr Superpower President, Asians are no longer stupid and ignorant. A lot of us are now learned and smart.

Rubystar_4037: Go home, Mr Obama. This is clearly a dog and pony show - to put on some showmanship for the media and tell Najib to clamp down on corruption, when he is the main problem himself.

Yes, it is not likely that you and your entourage will offend the host by telling him that he is allegedly the most corrupt PM in the world.

The Analyser: Corruption is a function of an insecure society where money obsession is the accepted alternative to self-confidence.

Despite what you all think, there is little that Najib can do to halt the corruption that is endemic at all levels of this society. Only Malaysians can do that.

But as Malaysians will never accept that the problem is theirs, nothing will happen. The same applies to so many other problems - racism, intolerance, bigotry, and authoritarianism.

Odin Tajué: Obama sir, with reference to what you have told your golfing buddy, let me apprise you of what Macbeth said. It is as follows:

"I am in blood. Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er.’

The river of blood here, of course, refers to Macbeth's crimes. He has waded too far ahead (was so steeped in them), that to return to whence he started would be as difficult as to proceed to the other side.

You must be a clever man, sir, and, therefore, ought to be able to read the parallel correctly. You ought to know what your buddy will do. In short, whacha have asked of him ain't gonna happen.

NNFC: Indeed, Obama’s advice will be ignored - it’s a case of in one ear and out the other.

How can Najib put himself under investigation? All the relevant agencies have been dismantled and yes-men installed to keep their mouths shut.

Cinaputra: Yes, it’s like pouring water on the back of a duck.

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