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Rosmah, we feel sorry for the poor rakyat

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YOURSAY | ‘And you’re sorry your husband was caught with his hands in the cookie jar?’

Rosmah: I feel sorry for my husband, he feels sorry for me

LKT: Over 99.9% of the rakyat are suffering economically from the inept leadership of Najib Razak.

Indeed, Najib’s premiership is the worst curse to befall the country since Merdeka. In Asean, we had the Marcos curse on the Philippines and the Suharto curse on Indonesia.

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe has been a curse in that country for about 35 years. Here, Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, will be remembered as a curse on Malaysia.

The million-billion-dollar question will be for how much longer do the people and the nation of Malaysia has to endure this curse.

Sorry is the last word I would use to describe the situation we are in right now. Angry, frustrated or indignant would have been a more appropriate description of how we feel towards PM and his wife.

Does Rosmah ever wonder why is it that other spouses of previous PMs did not suffer the type of "attack" she has been experiencing.

Lionheart: Honestly, what good/great is your husband except to cause hardship to rakyat?

Don't talk about your hardship because this is part and parcel of the job. If the job is so difficult, please ask your husband to quit.

Don't boast about your husband or your sacrifice. Do you know the hardship the rakyat is going through?

Can I complain that it is hard for me to pay RM1,200 for my haircut whereas my neighbour is paying RM20 for his?

Mushiro: Rosmah should wake up to reality. She should realise that the rakyat know where the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ went to.

The rakyat are curious how her son, Riza Aziz, has the money to buy properties in US worth more than US$100 million.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Why should you feel sorry for each other? After all, life has never been so good for both of you.

Who in the whole world gets a donation of RM2.6 billion? On top of that, very few couples have the opportunity to travel in private plane, all paid for by the people to a tune of RM40 million over a period of six months.

Rosmah, if at all you should feel sorry, it should be the millions of poor Malaysians, who are suffering in silence and paying for your husband's follies.

Unafraid: Yes, what about feeling sorry for the poor rakyat who voted your husband into power and whose trust he has betrayed?

What about feeling sorry for common people who has been short-changed by the alleged misappropriation of the RM2.6 billion that could be used for their benefit?

CQ Muar: Hello, Rosmah, it is the rakyat that you ought to feel sorry for.

"Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could..." as Maria von Trapp in the ‘Sound of Music’ sang, therefore how could the social media and rakyat accused you of wrongdoings and slander you for nothing? There is no smoke without a fire, remember?

Your husband preferred to adopt an elegant silence in response to the many allegations. Who is to be blamed then?

In any case, all he has to do to dispel all doubts is to disclose the truth where the billions of ringgit hail from and where it ended up.

I almost forgot. If you and your husband had been unjustly accused and scandalised, why didn't you sue them from day one?

After all, your husband, Najib, is noted for issuing letters of demand and threatening legal actions against his 'adversaries'.

Jaycee: Again, this shows how detached this couple is. What is there to be sorry for? Sorry that her husband was caught with his hands in the cookie jar?

The rakyat who are struggling to make ends meet as a result of the high cost of living; those people who are marginalised and/or cannot afford a decent roof over their heads, the rakyat who have to work a few jobs just to feed themselves and their families… these are the rakyat you should feel sorry for.

Eyespye: Rosmah, you cannot seem to understand that you and your husband are a blight upon this land.

It wouldn't require genius to guess that many people offer prayers to their gods to be rid of you and your husband. Think about that - people appealing to God to be rid of you.

N1: Don't worry, the ‘donation’ in his personal account will more than compensate for the embarrassment caused by the facts stated in the social media.

NNFC: Yes, I wouldn't be sorry if somebody deposited a ‘donation’ of RM2.6 billion in my bank account.

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