Defecating? Is Rizalman building a case for insanity?


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YOURSAY | ‘Stop blaming the race. The guy was just sick in his head…’

Rizalman defecated outside woman's house, NZ court told

Vijay47: The question of race or religion does not play any role here. What is shocking is that Muhammad Rizalman Ismail, an officer with diplomatic standing which Malaysia more shockingly rushed to affirm, could behave in this manner.

We could perhaps forgive ‘normal’ transgressions but this guy was actually walking the streets with his hand out asking lady passers-by for a roll in the hay.

Equally shocking is how matter-of-factly he says that a senior officer had put a spell on him. Perhaps Rizalman is building up case where he will offer a defence of insanity.

Is this the quality of officers we have serving in the Foreign Affairs Ministry? Doesn't the ministry do some vetting to peer into the heads of at least those it sends overseas? Tell me, Foreign Affairs, under what circumstances would you not invoke immunity?

Rizalman has to be sacked, which is not certain, and the only option open to him is to become a member of parliament.

Versey: Shame on you, whoever heading the Foreign Service, responsible for the selection and posting of diplomatic service staff to represent the nation in foreign land.

Didn't the high commissioner in New Zealand know that diplomatic immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving state is only in relation to acts carried out in the course of their duties?

How unbecoming of you lot to abuse this privilege to get Rizalman out of NZ, disregarding the distress of the victim had to bear.

I wonder how many layers of calf skin that the Malaysian High Commission staff in NZ has to put on when facing diplomats from other non-banana state countries.

Odin Tajué: Rizalman, when your Malay dignity can be physically measured, then your IQ level is hovering at the base of the flagpole in the Merdeka Square, where that of most other Malaysians would be at least midway up the pole.

This is evident from the fact that you expect the court to accept black magic as your reason for uncovering your dignity, and that you did not use the grass.

However, the court might believe that you are unable to recall attempting to pick up women for the greatest fun one can have without laughing, because your brain is in your dignity, which is obviously ever ready to spring to a-h-h-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n!

One trusts that for you, it will be ‘on the double quick march. Left, right, left, right, left, all the way to a cell in prison.

George Prinil Selestine: Stop blaming the race. The guy was just sick in his head and one could be of any race for that matter. Being a psycho is not race dependent.

Maybe Wisma Putra needs to learn from not sending psychos abroad in whatever capacity to represent the country.

MA: This is the man our government and all our ‘good media’ wanted to protect, saying he was victimised.

The truth will not set him free but I sincerely hope he will be counting the bars soon and will update our government on the tensile strength of the bars and the sanitary conditions of the place he's staying; since he likes to be a naturalist.

Righteous: How to face his children, family and friends? How to explain his ‘indecent tryst’ while representing his ‘Tanah Melayu’ in a foreign land?

P Dev Anand Pillai: After dancing the ‘butt dance’ in front of Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan's house last, we now have another who defecates in front of a house to get attention.

The evidence seems to also show that he had been frequenting bars, so he would not have been drinking teh-tarik or kopi-o there.

So in conclusion, what dignity is there left in these people, when they are really hypocrites to the core.

Gggg: Darn the cats! That explains why they always do that in front of my porch.

Rizalman: I went to strip club for music, not to ogle at women

Armchair Newspaper: If Malaysians can remove their religious and racial prejudice, the entire nation should be outraged and embarrassed with the shame Rizalman brought to the entire nation.

Instead, some Malaysians could only see the moral turpitude from the prism of race and religion: some will go to great lengths to defend him; while others are upset that the non-Malays are mocking the entire Malay race and Islam.

Such is the sad state of race and religious politics of Umno that right and wrong is now coloured with race and religion.

Donplaypuks: It's so obvious Rizalman is guilty of a serious offence. He has deep sexual and psychological problems.

Why is the government allowing this national embarrassment to go on. They should get him to plead guilty without challenging certain facts of the case and stop this disgraceful soap opera.

Ruslan Bahari: He reminded me of the time I went into a Jaguar showroom just to look at the interior decor of the place.

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