Palanivel's man says will soon release details of ROS conspiracy

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E-mails alleging that the Registrar of Societies had conspired against former MIC president G Palanivel have not been released yet pending a response from current MIC president Dr S Subramaniam's camp.

AK Ramalingam, a close confidante of Palanivel, said he will, however, be holding a press conference on the matter soon.

"I am still waiting for an answer from former MIC youth chief A Vickneswaran and Subramaniam before releasing the e-mails and evidence about the conspiracy.

"(But) I will hand in all documentation on this conspiracy to the media at a press conference soon," Ramalingam said in a statement today.

On Sunday, Malaysiakini ran an article by Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy claiming an ROS conspiracy.

He cited a press conference held by Ramalingam who revealed that letters and directives sent by ROS to Palanivel were allegedly engineered by one of the current party vice-presidents through his lawyer.

A source familiar with the matter, however, claimed that the e-mails were nothing more than a synopsis, authored on Feb 19, after all the letters from the ROS to MIC ceased as of Feb 6.

The source had questioned why Ramalingam had not disclosed the e-mails.

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