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‘Let blood flow’, that’s why they need NSC

YOURSAY | ‘Perhaps Najib and Umno have a plan in case they lose the elections.’

Shahrizat: Come back Dr M, or DAP will control Malays

Ferdtan: Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, using the Chinese-dominant DAP as a strawman to divert attention from aggressive attacks from former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin and vice-president Mohd Shafie Apdal against an Umno leadership control by PM Najib Razak is like putting cows in condo. It is stupid.

The number of seats contested by DAP in the last general election was about 52 out of a total of 222 seats, less than 23 percent, so how can DAP take over the country to ‘control’ the Malays?

It is this kind of propaganda - now being followed by PAS in criticising its former party members in newly-formed Party Amanah Negara allied with DAP - that is being used to con the simple-minded rural Malay folks.

Shahrizat now wanted to include the anti-Najib faction like Mahathir as working for the ‘Chinese’ DAP agenda, creating a seize mentality and that Malay rights and dignity are under attack.

SKT10: In her winding-up speech at the Wanita Umno assembly, Shahrizat said, “Let blood flow, we won’t allow DAP to take over…”

This public statement is not only highly seditious but also said in such a way with the implied aim to encourage racial intolerance in a multiracial society which could easily lead to racial riots if such seditious and provocative act is not nipped in the bud.

DAP lawyers and members should quickly lodge police reports against her for her seditious and provocative statement so that the appropriate lawful actions can be taken against her before any untoward racial riots occur.

Just because she is the Wanita Umno chief does not mean that she is immune to the rule of law, especially Sosma (Security Offences [Special Measures] Act).

The police reports should be made without any undue delay to show that Malaysians are now enlightened enough to act without any fear or favour.

GE14NOW!: Here is open racism in full flight. She does not even care that there might be civil unrest and bloodshed as long as Umno is in control.

This really is not about looking after the interests of the country but about self-preservation.

That there are so many Malays who still cannot see through this form of chicanery is mind-boggling. But perhaps it is because such minds have been made numb through years of indoctrination.

Mojo Jojo: Shahrizat, when you say that you do not want DAP controlling the Malays, what you are really saying is not wanting the Chinese to "control" the Malays.

The question is this: how would the Chinese "control" the Malays if practically everything in this country is dominated by the Malays? The armed forces are dominated by Malays. The police force is dominated by Malays. The civil service is dominated by Malays.

Heck, according to a recent report by Malaysiakini , the ethnic group with the largest share of high-income earners is the Malay community.

Will there ever be a time in Malaysian history when the Chinese minority in Malaysia cease becoming scapegoats for Umno's failures? What have they done to deserve this?

Pemerhati: So Shahrizat is urging Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Shafie to return to the fold. But they are already in the Umno fold and so what she probably means is that they should not tell the truth about Najib allegedly stealing billions.

Such actions will give a bad name to Umno and the many Malay supporters may then decide to vote for a principled and honest multiracial party like DAP instead of Umno that is corrupt.

All five of the above-mentioned top Umno leaders have been involved in many financial scandals such as the ‘Cows and Condos’, ‘IPPs’, ‘Stamford Holdings’, ‘Scorpenes’, etc.

Shahrizat is urging these leaders to unite and not expose Najib’s wrongdoing as that may result in Umno losing the next elections.

Her ‘let blood flow’ statement may indicate that Najib and Umno have a plan to hold on to power in case they lose the elections by creating bloody riots and then using the National Security Council (NSC) law.

CQ Muar: See how this woman twisted her words: On the one hand, she accepted Najib's decision to drop Muhyiddin Yassin as the deputy prime minister, but on the other, she supported the latter as Umno deputy president.

Shahrizat also claimed she respected all three (Muhyiddin, Shafie and Mahathir), and urged them to return to the fold (Umno).

In this respect, is this why you kept harping on your imaginary fear that DAP will "control" the Malays? How shallow-minded and naive can you be, Shahrizat.

Anonymous 122461436161429: This is not working any more, Shahrizat. It is the Malays who are sick of Umno and this has nothing to do with DAP.

Isn't there any other rubbish you can spew other than the same rubbish that PAS spewed? See where it got PAS.

Actually if truth be told, DAP will do a fantastic job in governing the country as they do in Penang and everyone will be happy.

HeWhoGivethTaketh: What's so bad about DAP taking over?

I'm Malay, I live in Penang, I grew up in Penang, and I got my strengths from Penang and I believe even if I were to move to Singapore, even PAP can't discriminate against me if I prove to them I'm valuable enough.

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