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When religious compliance takes to the air

COMMENT l It is sickening to note how individuals and groups exploit social, ethnic and religious differences to make profit. Even natural disasters such as the tsunami have provided plentiful opportunities for entrepreneurs to make a quick buck, usually at the expense of the suffering masses.

In Malaysia, ethnic and religious differentiation have provided ample opportunities for business ventures and entrepreneurships. In recent years, entrepreneurs have sought to take advantage of these opportunities, especially in the provision of services that are syariah compliant.

But while we have heard much about the compliance to syariah in the food industry in the production and provisions of halal goods, we are surprised to hear that even the travel industry has become smitten with the requirements of syariah.

Rayani Air, founded by Ravi Alagendran and wife Karthiyani Govindan, both Hindus, have just obtained a license to operate an airline that will have 350 staff, eight pilots and 50 cabin crew...

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