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NSC Bill a diamond-studded golden platter for Najib

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YOURSAY | ‘The NSC must be challenged in court as it is unconstitutional.’

The rise of a militarised Umno

Tholu: This is very scary. In effect, the National Security Council (NSC) Act is going to make Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak the supreme commander of the armed forces and make Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, the current chief of the armed forces, subordinate to the PM.

Zulkifeli is appointed by the Agong and is not beholden - and should not be beholden - or servile to anybody except to the Agong himself, who is the commander-in-chief of the Malaysian armed forces.

The NSC has egregiously usurped the constitutional power of the Agong and handed it over to the PM in a silver, nay, a diamond-studded golden platter.

This in itself should amount to a crime of high treason and the people behind this traitorous conspiracy should be severely punished.

Negarawan: Malaysia is officially a kleptocracy with the passing of the so-called NSC bill. This is akin to what former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos did in 1972, i.e. the imposition of martial law to extend his power beyond his term.

There is no political will or courage in the ruling party to do what is right and just for the country, and not to protect one particular person and his cronies.

The NSC must be challenged in court as it is unconstitutional.

Retnam: Not to worry, China will complete its economic conquest of Malaysia soon. Then China will put Umno in its place, which is jail.

The China ambassador will be the de facto ruler of Malaysia. We already saw that in a small but significant way when the China ambassador - with just one visit to Petaling Street - ‘bungkus-ed’ the red shirt protesters.

Retnam: Here is an example of China's modus operandi: Zimbabwe has declared the yuan as its official currency.

Thus, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is in China's payroll. And now a diamond-rich area in Zimbabwe is being prepared for the building of a modern giant Chinese naval base.

Back to Malaysia, China has bailed out 1MBD by purchasing Edra and the Bandar Malaysia land. That effectively puts our prime minister in China's payroll .

We just have to wait for our monthly salary slip to be given out by China soon.

Dis Fed-up Man: Remember what they said? "The gun is in my hand, so shut up, listen and obey."

This what it is tantamount to... is there no help for the innocent?

P Dev Anand Pillai: Agreed sir, but if the chosen race - who are the majority - keep voting these creatures to power, what can the rest of Malaysia do?

It is the chosen race who has to get up. If they do, this can be stopped.

RR: The main problem in Malaysian politics is race and religion. This is exploited to the maximum by the BN government because the opposition coalition is simply not united.

It trusts parties like PAS, which is actually an orthodox Islamic outfit. PAS will never change its skin, so don’t bring it into the opposition coalition under any circumstances.

PAS will be comfortable with Umno as their objectives are the same - a contradiction of Islamic values when it comes to corruption and abuse of powers.

If Pakatan Harapan wants to form the next federal government, Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) and PKR must make inroads into the Malay heartland and enlighten the Malay rural folk about the abuse of power and corruption amongst the BN cronies.

Malays, being Muslims, will understand the reality. Remember, by the next general election the Malays will comprise nearly 70 percent of the electorate - which is a big market for Harapan and BN.

Harapan leaders must be objective and realistic, otherwise they can only dream about forming the next government.

Kazakh: Our opposition political parties are non-effective and powerless to do anything.

We need a new non-political leadership from the royal family and retired leadership from the armed forces and police to lead the oppressed rakyat to stop the Umno desecration of our federal constitution.

Jaycee: If we look at the membership of NSC, we have no doubt that this Act serves to protect only the ministers who are clinging to power. May God save Malaysia!

Anonymous 29051438068738: I guess the only concession we have is that the NSC 'politburo' does not include a turbaned mullah in a green jubah.

But then, that could only be a matter of time.

Sontotsia: The police state of Malaysia is now born. I pray that God is still with us in these dark times.

The NSC reports to an allegedly corrupt and tainted PM, and is made up of all his staunchest lackeys.

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