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After 'annus horribilis', can M'sians look forward to a better year?

COMMENT Our prime minister is said to have had an “annus horribilis”. He will probably be very happy when this stressful year for him comes to an end.

Malaysians who are not familiar with this Latin term may have dirty thoughts when hearing the term for the first time. They should be excused for thinking of rude or four-letter words when cursing the BN government for making the lives of many Malaysians so hard and miserable.

It is safe to say that our prime minister is not alone in his year of disaster and misfortune. Millions of Malaysians are having it worse – much worse.

At least the PM's personal bank account has increased by RM2.6 billion. But pity him; let's not forget that much of this money has had to be distributed to Umno leaders, including members of parliament, state assemblypersons, supreme council members, division leaders, bloggers, media experts, etc.

Much of it has also gone to various consultants, and even more to ‘special consultants’ such as Jho Low.

This ‘fayloh’ (fat man), as he is popularly known in less polite circles, seems to have played out the prime minister, the entire cabinet, and the whole 1MDB board, as well as Bank Negara, etc.

Yes, that was one hell of a move. It deserves to go into the Guinness Book of Records for its sheer size and audacity, especially the super yacht Mediterranean excursion. But I guess that will never happen...

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