Analysts baffled by MAS move to limit baggage due to strong winds

Modified 5 Jan 2016, 1:19 pm

Aviation analysts have described Malaysia Airlines (MAS) move to limit baggage on its flights to Europe due to strong headwinds as "baffling" and "bizarre".

According to AFP, analysts said if this were true, then it would affect all other airlines from the region that are flying to Europe.

“It’s highly unusual and bizarre but that’s what we’ve got used to from Malaysia Airlines.

"By their reasoning all other carriers in Southeast Asia heading to Europe would not be able to check in luggage, too, if indeed what they claim is true.

“I’ve never heard anything more ludicrous in my 20 years in the industry." Malaysia-based Endau Analytics Shukor Yusof was quoted as saying by AFP.

Echoing this is was Flightglobal Asia managing editor Greg Waldron who said the move "doesn't make sense".

"It’s probably going to cause a lot of passenger frustration,” he was quoted as saying.

MAS in a statement today said the long route to Europe combined with temporary unseasonably strong head winds were limiting the airlines' ability to carry baggage on cargo.

"This longer flight path consumes more jet fuel and for safety reasons, Malaysia Airlines has had to impose temporary limitation on checked in baggage allowance," it said.

It said cabin baggage for economy class would be limited to 7kg while business and first class would be capped at 14kg.

It added that check-in bags will only arrive later.

"Malaysia Airlines will continue to assess the changing situation over the region and will update passengers when operations are back to normal. Safety remains the centre of the airline’s operations," it added.