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Arul, show more respect for the people’s representatives

YOURSAY | ‘1MDB doesn't belong to you, nor does it belong to the one who appointed you.’

'1MDB could have got better deals if not for the opposition'

Malaccan: 1MDB chief Arul Kanda Kandasamy should be mindful that he works for a sovereign wealth fund which is owned by the people of Malaysia.

And as such, he would be well advised to deal with the elected representatives of the people of Malaysia with far more decorum than he has shown. These elected politicians are speaking on our behalf.

1MDB doesn't belong to him, nor does it belong to the one who appointed him. In Malaysia, the PM is not elected by the people but by members of his party. And if Arul Kanda is asked to answer for 1MDB, he should come clean and not resort to any unprofessional behaviour.

His conduct has been evasive, and the information that he gave through the compliant media has created more confusion and seemed to be mere obfuscations.

Arul Kanda must understand that not all Malaysians are so gullible as Umno members who are willing to take whatever rubbish fed to them by their party leaders. And among Malaysians, there are many qualified and knowledgeable professionals, many of whom are better qualified than him.

Perhaps Arul Kanda should show what better deals he could have obtained if the opposition had not raised the people's concerns. Otherwise, his attempt at diversion, and yes we can see right through his usual tactic, is as good as saying he might have solved the world's economic problems had he been given a free hand in 1MDB.

Perhaps he would even claim that a rich anonymous Arab donor could have given him the cash to resolve 1MDB problems. It would still be pure bunkum and smell as bad, but it would not be any different from the claim he makes that criticism from the opposition had denied him a better deal.

1MDB's problems were there, albeit hidden, even before the opposition was made aware of them. All the opposition did was to raise questions on those problems.

Arul Kanda should not try to divert the blame from those who created it in the first place and from his own inability to resolve it. Have more respect for the people and the opposition, Sir.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Arul Kanda, the opposition did not prevent 1MDB from getting a better deal, it is your faulty product, 1MDB, that prevents a better offer from investors.

Anyone with billions to invest would not go into a deal blindly, like the 1MDB joint venture with PetroSaudi International. Their own analysts were not born yesterday, neither were they trained by Umno.

In fact, you were lucky to get offers to buy 1MDB assets in view of the company being riddled with so many negative allegations.

If you want to blame anyone for the poor offer, it should be PM Najib Razak, the super beneficiary of a mega donation.

Mojo Jojo: No political force could capitalise on the 1MDB issue if your political master didn't receive this huge RM2.6 billion ‘donation’, and funds from 1MDB to the tune of US$850 million were not transferred to an unknown entity in the Cayman Islands.

No, these issues have surfaced, and yet no adequate response has been made to address such unsavoury allegations. With so many economic and political uncertainties, why would you expect international investors to come in droves to 1MDB's rescue?

Arul Kanda, you sound more like a BN politician with each passing moment. Maybe you should join Umno and consider a career in politics when your tenure as 1MDB CEO is up. I'm sure you will fit right into BN's political culture.

GE14Now!: Indeed, if the opposition had not spoken up, 1MDB would have been mired in even more debt.

Don't blame others for your ineptitude and for the incompetence of your leader. The last thing we need from a CEO is one who cannot see things for what they are.

Sabahan: Investors are not dumb. They check on all aspects before making any purchases.

Information from all sources, including those from opposition and reputable news agencies, helps them to make an informed decision.

They have to be answerable to their shareholders, unlike 1MDB which, until today, will not inform its shareholders (the people of Malaysia) of all its shady dealings.

Clongviews: Arul should thank the opposition and the media for their investigative work on 1MDB, otherwise he would not have got the job.

His predecessors left because the seat was too hot. Your job was selling public assets to pay the company’s debts and you now claim ‘credit’ to having solve 1MDB problems? The show is not over yet.

The Mask: Arul, the question remains. Without getting into any business, how did 1MDB get into such a deep debt?

We want to know the source of the problem, and not how you solve it. The way you solved it, even I can do it and do it better.

Imagine buying land cheap from the government and sell it at jack-up prices. We don’t need your brains to do that, do we?

Jesse: Why sell the family jewels in the first place if not for the squandering by inept management?

Are you so sure that the ringgit will not go even lower than what it is now, given the corruption and scandals in high places that are afflicting Malaysia?

It has progressed from millions to billions, and may be even trillions, if they can still count to that level.

Speaking Sense: It would have been better for Malaysia if 1MDB had never been. It would also have been better if it had been properly managed since inception.

Now it would be better if Arul stopped blaming others for the incompetence of the 1MDB management and the finance minister in this disgraceful episode.

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