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Zeti is echoing voices of millions of M’sians

YOURSAY | ‘Enough is enough. Spare us further suffering from this damaging charade.’

Zeti: M'sians want probe on 1MDB concluded so can move on

Odin Tajué: Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, PM Najib Razak is suspected of having illicitly appropriated vast sums of money through the various business transactions executed by 1MDB and SRC International, but he is still the prime minister and finance minister.

On top of that, the attorney-general (AG) seems bent on making sure he is not implicated or that no action would be taken against him. So, tell us how can the matter ever be concluded?

Zeti, while we are on this subject, please tell us in plain words instead of quoting various provisions of this and that Act, why did Bank Negara fine Ambank RM53.7 million.

CQ Muar: You are absolutely correct, Zeti. It's about time this 'malignancy' came to a close, with those wrongdoers coming out to admit the alleged looting of the poor citizens of this country.

As it is, considering the present ravaging financial and economic state, which the rakyat is having a tough time coping as a result of the fallout arising from the fiasco, the prime minister should know better than to subject the nation with such afflictions.

Life must go on and not dwell on this obvious case, which is not doing the country any good. It's a simple "yes" or "no", which the whole nation had dragged on for far too long.

Enough is enough, Mr PM Najib. Spare us further suffering from this damaging charade.

Kingfisher: The BN, the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) and the AG’s Chambers are obviously aware of the seriousness of the issues emanating from the 1MDB scandal.

The October advisory from the Council of Rulers for a speedy resolution was a prudent but tacit reminder that as the issues may reflect and impinge on good governance and national integrity, the scandal may have far reaching consequence affecting the very foundations of the nation's faith in the rule of law.

For some months now, there has not been any clear and categorical final indicators for a resolution from the many institutions responsible for policing such matters.

Hence many ordinary Malaysians seem resigned to a strong suspicion that there is an absence of a strong national will to impose a solution due to powerful forces at "play" in spite possible adverse consequences to the nation economy in the medium term.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Zeti, you are echoing the voices of millions of Malaysians, but only one selfish man is turning his deaf ears to them.

It is now almost impossible to solve the issue because the selfish one has embedded his men in key positions (as captain) of the attacking teams.

When all is set to launch the attack, his men are there to foil it. In football terms, how can the team score, when the captain refuses to execute set pieces.

The selfish one is more interested in self-preservation than the state of economy of the country. Now, only God can help to save the country

Dont Just Talk: When the prime minister of a country, who was caught with RM2.6 billion wired into his personal bank account, regardless of donors, and yet still hold on to power, it speaks volume of the credibility of the ruling government.

AGC returns RM2.6b, SRC probe papers to MACC

Kingfisher: Bravo, AG Mohamed Apandi Ali. It’s fair game for the AG, who has had the MACC report since Dec 31 last year, to request for clarification from the commission.

His office is in the public eye in this unique scandal of alleged misuse of power and mismanagement of public finances and as the AG is being viewed as accountable to the public and the Agong by extension in this peculiar instance, hence he has to get his facts absolutely crystal clear before taking a judgemental stand/decision in the interest of the nation.

His deliberations are justified, one would think. Let the primacy of the provisions of the law subordinate the interest of any one individual in this momentous predicament confronting the nation.

Odin Tajué: What Apandi is doing is obviously an iteration of what Najib's lawyers did with The Wall Street Journal .

The act suggests that action is being taken, when in actuality nothing happens. It's an empty gesture - a meaningless exercise executed merely to buy time for Najib while his successor is being identified and he finds his haven to bolt to.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Apandi, I do not know whether to cry or laugh. With so many allegations of scandals directed at him, none of the enforcement agencies has nailed him yet.

He is like my Chinese hero in movie of old days. Often thousands of arrows are aimed at him, and miraculously no arrow found the target.

Bluemountains: The AG may have valid reasons to return the probe papers to MACC. It is the duty of the AG to uphold the law and he is answerable for his actions.

Let's be patient and not jump the gun. The rakyat can tell if he is deliberately forestalling the case.

W pa: And now, the ping pong game begins.

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