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Amidst the muck, Fahmi shows the face of a noble M’sian

YOURSAY | ‘What you intend to do, Fahmi, ‘as a matter of principle’, is a rarity indeed.’

Artist vows to return lawsuit money like Najib, but...

Vijay47: To a man like activist Fahmi Reza who as he said is "struggling by freelancing for a living", RM50,000 must be worth far more than perhaps millions or even billions to a person already filthy rich.

Thus his proposal to donate his court award to his brothers-in-arms in the quest to bring change to Malaysia is like a reviving breath of fresh air.

How many of us, for all our noble talk, would actually do the same thing once the money is snug in our hand?

What you intend to do, Fahmi, "as a matter of principle", is a rarity indeed, especially when we see utter crooks and robbers trying to pass themselves off as patriotic leaders.

GE14Now!: It is really encouraging to see what you have done, Fahmi. Thank you and there is a glimmer of hope yet in this country.

But that glimmer of hope keeps getting crowded out by the darkness that is Umno. That corrupt party and all its mindless minions need to be routed and some of them brought to trail and eventually incarcerated.

CQ Muar: Bravo, Fahmi. That was exemplary of a future leader despite the money could have come in handy for you, which you deservedly won.

Your action weighs heavily on what the PM did by "returning" RM2.03 billion to the Saudi royalty. The truth behind this will always remain questionable in the minds of many, now that he'd been declared free of guilt by attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali.

Aries46: Fahmi, times are bad and more difficult times are predicted ahead. Your wish to donate to charities is laudable but you must keep aside some for rainy days.

That sum awarded to you is halal money, to compensate the injustice done to you. You are in no position to go one up on Najib the only PM in the globe to receive RM2.6 billion donation and return RM2.4 of it to the donor.

Such generosity, honesty and integrity have not been heard of and Malaysians are blessed to witness it in their lifetime.

As a struggling freelance activist walking the fine line in the world's best democracy, you must stash some of the money under your pillow least you are once again caught and thrown in the slammer.

AntiRacial: Congratulation, Fahmi. You may not need to donate the money.

The journey to save Malaysia from corrupted government leaders is long and hard, and you need this money to continue our struggle to free Malaysia.

You still have jobs because of GST, Najib tells civil servants

Tulan: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has reminded the country's 1.6 million civil servants that they can still keep their jobs because of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

He is the best PM in the world and he is proud of it. The people forget, no Najib/Umno, no GST.

BernieBaby: Najib, the civil servants would still have their jobs and there would not be any GST if not for you.

Existential Turd: If a finance minister of an entire country could not even keep track of his own personal bank account (given that money deposited and withdrawn from his account without his knowledge), then how can the people believe he can run the country on an even keel, or for that matter, be honest about it?

Ipohcrite: How did we come to this financially precarious position with the nation's coffers empty? Through the able stewardship of the Umno-led BN government, of course!

Chipmunk: Najib seems to be either lost or plain stupid. Was the GST implemented as payment to civil servants or the money returned to the rakyat through the boosting of the economy?

So, what happens to the taxpayers’ money? I now have a big doubt on my Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contribution after what has happened to Tabung Haji.

Soon, this guy will bleed every ‘tabung’ in Malaysia and the rakyat will be left with a big zero.

Martha: Mr PM, the words uttered by you are never words of logic or wisdom.

Please do not take us for fools. As a matter of fact, we have been fooled by your government right from the time of that Evil Old Man, which is till this very day governed by his Minions.

Go back in time and look at the billions that you people have squandered. GST is the saviour for you people, not the rakyat.

Hang Babeuf: You still have a job, PM Najib, thanks to the people. Remember that!

They cannot be taken for granted. Made fools of and conned endlessly. Treated with contempt.

For those who choose that path, there is a price to be paid. In the end, a very heavy price. Remember that!

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