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When all else fails, AG resorts to religion as defence

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YOURSAY | ‘It’s typical of an Umno gov’t lackey to bring religion into his defence.’

AG strikes back at Dr M, asks if his attacks Islamic

Odin Tajué: Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali, one takes it that you hold the view that your exonerating of PM Najib Razak is in accordance with Islamic teachings.

If Islam approves of what Najib has allegedly done, then it is a religion unworthy of any respect. On the other hand, if it does not, then you have brought disrepute to it - and in which case, you don't need any non-Muslim to insult your religion, because you and the rest in your camp are already doing it yourselves.

Your statement exhibits serious lack of credible, acceptable reasons or facts to support your exonerating of Najib. And, of course, there is a serious lack, for there is none to begin with.

You are doing it as a payback for your appointment to your position. But you are not only insulting Islam, you have also inadvertently shown what a despicable sycophant you are.

Vijay47: Apandi, we all know that you are a man of many talents - Umno lawyer, judge, attorney-general, and since of late, member of the Tabung Haji board .

But I don't recall reading anywhere that in view of your considerable versatility, you had also been appointed head of Masjid Negara. So why are you wondering whether Dr Mahathir Mohamad's attacks on you meet Islamic standards?

Mahathir was condemning you for your failures as AG and it is on that platform you are expected to respond, with reference to the law and the constitution to hit back at the former PM if you so wish.

Your reply is not only irrelevant but also puerile - what if Mahathir accepts that he is not adhering to Islamic principles, would you then agree that your conduct has been shameful?

Good God, was it with such intellect as you now display that you had decided on cases heard before you. But we also know that your decision on 1MDB was founded on that latest flavour of the month, your absolute discretion.

Slumdog: Here we go again, it’s typical of an Umno government lackey to bring religion into his defence when there is no other justification left.

By the way Apandi, is protecting Najib from prosecution and all the alleged lies you have told in defending him, is it in accordance with the true teachings of Islam?

Kingfisher: It is possibly quite telling of Apandi's own predicament for him to refer to religion as a means to justify that his opinion is as plain as morality while refuting former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's criticism.

Mahathir has had a simpler equation for this scandal. A MOF (Finance Ministry) official who blows billions on foolhardy ventures should not keep his job. A company head who plays shell company games should do time.

Investigations by relevant authorities increasingly indicate that much was amiss in 1MDB.

Vent: Has anyone noticed how the beleaguered in this country seem to have a very special relationship with God whenever their integrity is under scrutiny?

Meanwhile we poor blighters, especially condemned free thinkers like me, have to work extra hard to absolve ourselves intelligently.

Unfortunately for them, however, the only authorities they are answerable to while on earth are earthlings too except for the ‘chosen’ one of course who speaks to God regularly on a hot line while the lucky few who whisper into his ear are rewarded with development.

Apparently, Apandi got lucky too.

GE14Now!: Dear Mr AG, is exonerating a man accused of stealing from the country in accordance with the principles of Islam? You might want to take a look at that first.

I don't care if all of you in Umno claw and tear one another down - I have no love for Umno anyway. But you are really a hypocrite of the highest order and a lawyer of extremely low calibre and dubious ethics.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Indeed, Apandi, is your decision to clear Najib of all his alleged scandals based on Islamic principles?

Though I am not a Muslim, I know that Islam wants all Muslims to account for his actions and be transparent in their actions. You had none when you clear Najib. All you said that the donation was from an Arab royalty without giving any name.

On top of that, you believed the story that Najib did not know who transferred RM42 million into his account and thereby was innocent. Tell me, in Allah's name, that you sincerely believed what Najib said.

Only a mad man would transfer RM42 million into another person's account without informing the recipient about it.

If you ask me whether it is highly improbable that Najib did not know about the transfer, my answer is that it is impossible that Najib did not know about the transfer. He knows about it.

If you really fear Allah, you would not make this ridiculous decision which shocked even the most ill-informed man.

Tok Jangut: Did Mahathir mean the AGs appointed by him were all credible? Mahathir has obviously not heard of "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".

Well done, Apandi. I support you wholeheartedly. You are just up keeping the great tradition of the AGs of Malaysia since Mahathir became PM. Soldier on!

Caripasal: Seriously AG, what do you really know about Islamic teaching? Is declaring misappropriation money as donation part of Islamic teaching too?

Negarawan: Yes, this is really laughable. It is normal for those who are corrupt to portray themselves outwardly as principled, well-mannered, and even religious.

They lead double lives. In truth, they are completely rotten inside.

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