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MACC-AG meeting cancelled proves lack of moral courage

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YOURSAY | ‘When will this boring wayang end and the scene move to Sungai Buloh?’

AG cancels MACC meet at last minute as panel term expires

Abasir: What the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) panel members should now do is to write in to the attorney-general (AG) detailing their concerns and listing their questions. By submitting a persuasive written argument, the panel can put on record what it would have said/asked had the meeting taken place as scheduled.

Should a new panel of ‘yes-men’ be appointed, the concerns and questions of the present one will still be there. At some future date, when the game is up and the conspirators are detained for treason, it can serve to nail the entire gang.

Mafeeah: The panel members have sighted the documents that were used and produced by the MACC during the course of their investigations. This is the reason why they wanted to meet the AG and find out what basis he had to dismiss their recommendations.

The panel will never ask for engagement if they thought there was never a case.

Therefore, the fact that this panel wants to meet the AG at the recommendation of MACC's top management confirms the notion that there are very good reasons to get the AG’s Chambers to review the case.

And let's not forget that the panel members have sighted the documents. Now that's what I call a double bogey!

Ipohcrite: It's a no-brainer why the meeting was cancelled at the last minute - to buy time and ship out the current panel members, and to put in place some new ‘ cari makan ’ panel members. Thereafter, everything will be hunky-dory. But the best laid plans will still go awry. Just wait and see.

Hello: It’s unwarranted obstacle after obstacle to get to the truth of the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion saga! All these point to a very unsavoury cover-up. Malaysia Boleh!

Mamadias: Will the new panel say we need time to review the case, which will probably take another six months? By that time, the hope is the rakyat will forget the matter and a new MACC chief will also be appointed. Delay further and have conferences about how to combat corruption. Before you know it, another year will have gone by.

By that time, the minister will say all the issues have been resolved and the rakyat should move on. By that time, the rakyat will feel fatigued and have to worry about their bread-and-butter issues and have to work their hearts out.

And this bunch of conmen will get away scot-free.

Kingfisher: There is something disturbing in this cancellation of the meeting by the AG, if true. It could be viewed as a precipitate action as the director-general’s (DG) own decision on a legal matter is expected to be reviewed at this meeting.

Well, the fact that the term of the panel ends in a week should not, as some would think, prevent the conduct of the meeting as the deliberations arrived at can be taken up under a new panel as its decision should generally have a binding obligation.

One wonders if there are unsavoury reasons for the present form of conduct in regard to the cancellation. The public at large who awaited a resolution one way or the other from this much-awaited meeting may be left wondering if there is scant regard for institutional prerogatives and obligations.

Or worse still, as to whether there is some form 'bullying' persuasion.

MerelyOne: This is probably what happened: Monday: Boss to AG: Meeting up with Obama this week, drop a couple of sedition charges, and confirm RM2.6 billion meeting with MACC. Barack will swallow anything. Thursday: Boss to AG: Okay, Asean meeting over. Cancel MACC meeting, and get back to nailing those fellows.

Hang Babeuf: Very consistent. Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's ‘new’ (post-July 2015) government ‘has previous form’ in this sort of thing. First, they allegedly ‘nobbled’ and so hobbled the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to stall and thwart its enquiry.

Now this with the MACC, it’s the same thing. Same modus operandi. Same ‘dirty pool’. Same disgrace.

Kit P: The investigations occurred under the term of this panel. The AG should still have met this panel. Last-minute cancellation is symptomatic of a lack of seriousness.

Skippy: Say what you will, but we really have to take our hats off to the strategist who has charted this fantastic avoidance campaign. It has been unbelievably effective to date. See, nothing happens, nothing!

Quigonbond: There is an easy way to explain the situation. Malaysian men in power have no moral courage to do the right thing and suffer the consequences.

Anonymous 2362021442199789: This wayang is getting really boring, always the same plot and script, only different actors. When will it all end and the scene move to Sungai Buloh?

TPPA - woman charged with hurting PM's feelings

Anonymous 2299391436500295: ‘Hurting the feelings’ has always been a childishly used phrase in Malaysian English. Childish language sometimes results in childish thinking.

You hurt your spouse's feelings. You hurt a child's feelings. On the grand stage of politics you don't hurt one another's feelings. There are more appropriate words such as insult, berate and offend.

Apapunboleh: Hurt the feelings of others? Did someone throw a tantrum on the floor? What about the top leaders hurting our pockets?

Touche: Wow, charged with hurting someone's feelings? Really? A British MP has called David Cameron incompetent and weak but he was not charged.

Wira: Sue the writer if he or she libels the PM. Don't use the law to harass a voter for expressing his or her disgust against corruption. If the politician can't stand the heat, he or she should get out of the kitchen.

Mojo Jojo: Sure, go after the little guys who vent their justifiable frustration and anger at the autocrats-to-be. Why wasn't Tajuddin Abdul Rahman charged over saying that he wanted to slap the ethnic Chinese in Malaysia, and why wasn't a red-shirt rally-goer charged over yelling Chinese piggy monickers at a journalist?

For those who voted for BN for umpteen years, thank you for making this country so much worse than it should be. This wouldn't have happened without you.

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