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Websites blocked, welcome to Chinasia

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YOURSAY | ‘He is scared and insecure. He has only three lids but 10 jars to cover…’

Gov't blocks The Malaysian Insider

Ferdtan: The barring of The Malaysian Insider (TMI) with the excuse that “it violated national laws” has to do with the recent article in the website about enough evidence to charge PM Najib Abdul Razak over the SRC International allegation.

We do not want to comment further on this sensitive issue as we don’t want Malaysiakini to share TMI’s fate.

It is so obvious that the government is afraid and has a lot to hide. Indeed, what has the country come to - using all the government apparatus and machinery just to protect one man?

James TCLow: Are we North Korea in the making? The present regime must be thinking that Malaysians are not just stupid, but also weak and meek. What say you?

Anonymous 2299391436500295: Another North Korea? How about another China, the darling of many Malaysians?

China blocks Twitter, Facebook, Google, New York Times and anything else that threatens the worldview they force on their population.

Mojo Jojo: At this rate, Malaysiakini will ultimately fall prey to the witch-hunt perpetrated by the autocracy-to-be, all for reporting the truth. When will this Umno-BN nightmare end?

Anonymous 29051438068738: Clearly facts are to be feared when one is guilty as hell. The country is now in the hands of Muslim kleptocrats .

Such BS!: Let him do his worst till it becomes all too evident and the rakyat will tolerate no more.

MCMC confirms TMI ban, warns against unverified reports

CQ Muar: Malaysia is at its ebb as a country claimed to practice "democracy". The situation in this country keeps declining on a daily basis under the leadership of PM Najib Abdul Razak.

Even news portals are not spared, which is clear indication of guilt and fear of those imbroglios surrounding the shameless prime minister. It's getting from bad to worse since Salleh Said Keruak took over the communications and multimedia portfolio.

Beyond a doubt, Malaysia is entering its darkest days in the annals of Malaysian history. This calls for unity among all peace-loving citizens to stand up, regardless of race, religion and political affiliation, to end this madness under the most diabolical leader this country has ever known.

Bulls**tWalks & Money Talks: Yes, what we are witnessing today is the worst era in the Malaysian history of corruption and abuse of power.

We can claim that Malaysia is a pariah state now. Laws are being used to block the truth.

Nil: The simple truth is that the ban actually inadvertently verified the "unverified".

MACC panel chair denies sufficient evidence to prosecute Najib

Multi Racial: If they don't have to courage to act against those in power, they shouldn't sit in any of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) panels.

Basically MACC’s Operations Review Panel (ORP) chairperson Hamid Bugo and member Mohamed Jawhar Hassan denied everything.

So, exactly what has the panel decided? Can the minutes of its meeting be made public?

Proarte: Every institution of governance in Malaysia is corrupted and works in the interest of Umno.

We are a fascist dictatorship and this is the legacy of Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Such is our stupidity that Malaysians are seeing Mahathir is a positive light now, just because he is opposed to Najib.

What does Mahathir represent, other than racism, corruption, religious bigotry and lust for power?

Appum: Only two out of eight members signed the ORP statement of denial. What happened to the others? Out of country? Same old story. Sigh!

'TMI block signifies darkest day since media crackdown in 1987'

Chokstone: The country is on the verge of doom whenever the regime comes to such a desperate situation that freedom of expression is being restricted and voices of the people are ignored.

At that stage, the only thing that regime cares about is to abuse its power to the maximum extent in order to cling on to power.

The situation will get more critical with time, unless a saviour emerges the soonest possible and saves the country from tragedy.

PakBehToh: He is scared and insecure. He has only three lids but 10 jars to cover, so how?

Hang Babeuf: This is one step closer (in “ethno-monarchical” Malaysia) towards its own (“Melayu”/“memalukan”) version of “the end of the Weimar Republic” script/scenario…

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