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Khairuddin also quits, likens Umno to a corpse
Published:  Feb 29, 2016 9:48 AM
Updated: 1:24 PM

Following in the footsteps of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Khairuddin Abu Hassan has also decided to quit Umno on a macabre note.

Likening Umno to a corpse, the former Batu Kawan Umno division number two said the ruling party is fated to dwell in the realm of the dead ( alam barzakh ) forever.

Citing the Islamic burial rites, Khairuddin said Umno is a corpse which has been given its ritual bath, wrapped in a burial shroud and lowered into the grave.

"I am officially declaring to leave Umno with immediate effect. From this moment onwards, I am no longer a member of the Bukit Tambun Umno branch or Batu Kawan Umno division.

"I have lost faith in the leaders who are headed towards destroying the party," he said.

Khairuddin, who was previously arrested over charges of undermining the economy with regard to his reports filed against 1MDB in several countries, claimed Umno is now replete with apple polishers.

"The current leadership has strayed from the original struggle and power is abused to defend those who are corrupt. To me, Umno is no longer relevant," he said.

Earlier, Khairuddin was present at the press conference in Putrajaya where Mahathir announced his decision to leave Umno.

The former prime minister accused Umno of being dedicated to protecting its current president.

Najib has refuted the allegations against him, and accused Mahathir and others of attempting to topple him from power.

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