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Can the opposition trust a Machiavellian Dr M?

YOURSAY | ‘All parties must come together in order to effect the first step for systemic reform.’

From saving nation from Dr M, to saving it with Dr M

Myop101: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, hold your ground and forget about former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He is neither willing to renounce what he did in his 22-year rule nor commit to institutional reforms. Have you forgotten your detention without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA) during his rule?

Some partnerships are never meant to be and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has shown you that. Do you think Dr M is any better than Hadi?

Anticonmen: Remember, the old fox came to power through divide and rule, and would remind us of the May 13 event at every election to sow fear among the non-Malays.

Kit Siang, you have the honesty and best credentials to be PM. Why work with the sly fox, who is the source of much of the damage done to this country?

Indeed, why waste time and be tricked again and again?

Anonymous_1421806811: I sincerely hope everyone will put aside their differences and come together for the good of the country. This evil regime of PM Najib Razak must end.

Citizen No.26: Yes, all parties must come together in order to effect the first step for systemic reform.

Jailed opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim has made a refreshing call to all Malaysians with simple and clear directions on what changes are required.

This simple message should be spread to all corners of the country. It can form the foundation for all to work on for systemic reform and change of leadership.

God bless the brave and righteous citizens.

Prudent: They are cooperating now because they realised that both their dreams have been jeopardised by Najib.

Mahathir is seeing that his dreams of ‘ketuanan Melayu’ under his son Mukhriz has vanished. Kit Siang is likewise seeing that his dream of a Malaysian Malaysia morphing into a failed/rogue state.

888: If the old fox joins Pakatan Harapan in the battle to oust present PM is successful, what will happen next?

I think there will be another round of fighting - this time against the old fox.

Otakechik: Once Mahathir is successful in this quest, his next plot is to remove his 'new partners', which will be much easier - just stir up racial issues again and mobilise the mob.

Ace: Can we trust the man who castrated all of our important institutions of separation of power? We are sick and tired of Najib but is Mahathir just making use of the rakyat to continue his personal feud?

Anonymous 2402521456737582: Desperate times, folks. Good on Kit Saing and Dr M for putting national interest first.

Zaid: Anwar, Azmin or Dr M can replace Najib

Hang Babeuf: I can understand why people in Malaysia see the present moment as a time of national crisis; and I can understand why, in those circumstances and that predicament, many people feel that a “popular front” of all non-Umno-BN and non-ruling elements needs to be assembled and mobilised.

But I am at the same time dismayed to see that this means not just including Dr M but ceding to him a leadership role and then, inevitably, sheltering behind him (and whatever he may make of that latest challenge).

It is surely time, if Malaysia is to get beyond the present impasse and to move forward, for it to do so under new leadership: under some sort of post-Mahathir, post-Anwar (and "post-all-the-longserving-Umno-leftovers") leadership.

With his latest initiative, former law minister Zaid Ibrahim should seek to place himself at the energising front of those new forces, not in the "old remainders" box with all the long shop-soiled political leftovers.

Anonymous 2358311441466692: Any person who puts Malaysia first and oneself second can replace Najib. We have taken the worst person in Najib as the PM when millions are better than him.

After him, when the rebuilding starts, let's have a fail-safe administration so that anyone who steals from the country will be punished with a long jail sentence.

Anonymous #95676433: How sad that with such a large population (compared with Singapore) we find ourselves without any credible potential leaders to lead us to a better future.

Our best have gone and taken their talents elsewhere where they are appreciated and recognised or are being ignored if they are still here because we choose not to recognise our best. This is Malaysia's loss.

FellowMalaysian: Zaid is being evocative by citing names of leaders who could replace Najib once Umno is history.

By doing so, Zaid hopes to round up sufficient support from the disgruntled masses in an effort to shore up all-round thumbs-up for the closed-door rally on March 27.

It is definitely too far-fetched and premature to think of who Najib's successor would or should be at this moment. If Zaid meant battling Najib in the next election, it is still two years away.

At this juncture, the more important and imminent point to consider should focus on gathering the anti-Umno/Najib parties and NGOs together and setting up a common working framework to enable the new conglomerate to start operation.

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