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PAC chief: 1MDB final report will be OSA 'declassified'
Published:  Mar 7, 2016 6:00 PM
Updated: 11:03 PM

The auditor-general's final report on 1MDB investigation will be "declassified" under Official Secrets Act 1972 once the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) tables its probe on the state-owned fund to Parliament.

PAC chief Hasan Arifin's statement on this comes after the committee was criticised for classifying the final report under the OSA, making it a secret document not for public consumption.

The report was handed to the committee on March 4.

"PAC wishes to stress that the final report would only be classified (under OSA) after PAC submits its report on the 1MDB probe.

"Auditor-general Ambrin Buang had explained that the final report of 1MDB will no longer be a classified document under OSA once PAC tables its 1MDB report," he said.

Hasan added that the auditor-general has the power to classify the documents to ensure the credibility and secrecy of the auditor-general's department.

This can also prevent information leak to irresponsible parties and the negative perception against the auditor-general and PAC, he said.

Hasan said this after chairing a meeting with Ambrin to discuss the auditor-general's final report.

"This is different with the auditor-general reports, which become public documents after they are tabled in Parliament every year," he said.

"The people need not to worry and they should be confident with the proposal and the PAC's findings on the 1MDB report as it will be from both sides of the divide," he said.

PAC member and DAP lawmaker Tony Pua said the PAC's investigation was not over yet as the committee had not yet completed its review of the final report.

"We still have to read our book. We have not read it yet," he said.

When asked if he thought the auditor-general had done a good job with the report, he replied: "We are reasonably happy."