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Former Terengganu MB claims state Umno in crisis
Published:  Apr 3, 2016 5:57 AM
Updated: 6:11 AM

Former Terengganu menteri besar Ahmad Said has claimed that his successor, Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman, is counting the days to be removed from his position.

The Kijal assemblyperson reportedly claimed that he has informed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to seek an audience with Terengganu’s Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, requesting for the menteri besar to be removed.

Sinar Harian quoted Ahmad as saying that the meeting will be arranged as soon as Sultan Mizan returns from overseas.

He also claimed that Umno Terengganu is now facing a critical situation.

“Don’t let it reach a point where Tuanku will dissolve the state assembly, because (if that happens) that’s it. Umno is now in a critical state, if election is called, finish. Don’t play the fool,” he warned.

Ahmad also insisted that he should not be blamed for the supposed fall of the Umno state-government.

“I love Terengganu. What he (Ahmad Razif) has done, I know it all. Wait for the right time and I will expose it. I will expose all the big secrets that I have kept, will damage the state government and rakyat.”

Ahmad had previously claimed that he has a big secret implicating Najib and is waiting for the right time to expose it.

Ahmad, meanwhile, also claimed that Razif was among the main actors behind an alleged conspiracy to topple him as menteri besar two years ago.

“I am a ‘gentleman’ so I did it (table a no confidence motion) in the open, I raised the issue in the state assembly. What he (Ahmad Razif) did to me? I don’t want to tell it just yet but I will give a hint, he was involved in an effort to topple me,” said Ahmad.

Ahmad had filed the motion against Razif on March 8 but it was rejected by Terengganu state assembly speaker Mohd Zubir Embong.

Ahmad also insisted that it was his love for Umno that had kept him in the party after he resigned as Terenganu menteri besar in 2014.

“That (his love for Umno) is why I am waiting,” he said, adding that otherwise he would have requested to dissolve the Terengganu state assembly upon his resignation.

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