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Amanah Youth leader Shazni released on bail
Published:  Apr 6, 2016 1:19 PM
Updated: 9:13 AM

Amanah Youth vice-chief Shazni Munir was released on police bail today after being remanded for two days under the Sedition Act.

He was released from the Jinjang police lock-up in Kuala Lumpur at 12.30pm.

According to Shazni’s lawyer, Lim Lip Eng, the police had requested that Shazni return on April 20 for a meeting with the investigating officer regarding the result of their investigation on his case.

When contacted by Malaysiakini today, Shazni reiterated his previous claim that had quoted him entirely differently from his original remarks, which had been published unedited on Free Malaysia Today (FMT).

Shazni also mentioned that the police confiscated his family’s iPad device while conducting a search at his residence.

“They (the police) were looking for the device I used to send my article.

“I was willing to cooperate with the police, but the thing is, I wrote my article on my mobile phone and sent it via the same gadget to Free Malaysia Today ,” clarified Shazni.

He added that he lost his mobile phone during the recent anti-GST (goods and services tax) rally held last Saturday in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

“Despite my explanation, the police still insisted on confiscating the iPad, a device my kids often use to watch cartoons and YouTube videos,” said the father of two.

Lonely confinement

After spending two days in the lonely confinement of the lock-up, the joy of seeing his cherished family and friends again was audible in his voice.

When asked about the first matter he had attended to upon release, Shazni said he was returning to his hometown for his grandmother had passed away this morning.

The Amanah Youth stalwart also added that he would continue to voice his views on issues affecting the rakyat and nation.

“I have nothing to hide. Therefore, I shall continue to comment and write about the matters that plague Malaysians - including the GST as well as the 1MDB scandal.

“I’m also not alone in speaking up (for the nation). There are already thousands of youths who are currently voicing their views via the newspapers and social media,” he added.

Shazni was detained following a headline in a news report which claimed that he called for the government to be toppled through mass rallies.

The Youth leader claimed that he was misquoted.

Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar instructed his arrest via Twitter , based on the headline.