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And the real decision-maker in 1MDB is…

YOURSAY | 'What does it mean when the PAC report states that 'Najib ordered the board'?'

Ex-1MDB CEO claimed Najib refused revaluation of assets despite concerns

SusahKes: "However, during the 1MDB board meeting on Nov 7, 2009, Shahrol Azral informed that a second valuation of the assets was not needed as the board of advisers’ chairperson did not agree with the suggestion but ordered the 1MDB board of directors to appoint a consultancy company to evaluate the ownership of the joint-venture company," says the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report.

Now, didn't someone say that PM Najib Razak was not directly involved in the operations of 1MDB. That he was not responsible for the decisions undertaken by its management, and he should therefore be absolved of any wrongdoing by 1MDB?

Then, what does it mean when the PAC report states that “Najib ordered the board”?

Kim Quek: This part of the PAC report shows in unmistakable term who the real boss of 1MDB is.

Former 1MDB chief executive officer (CEO) Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi was but a messenger boy for Najib and the board of directors mere minions whose unhappiness over the shocking hanky-panky that endangered billions of ringgit was immaterial to the real decision-maker.

After all, besides being chairperson of the advisory board, Najib is also the finance minister, whose ministry wholly owns 1MDB; and on top of that, he is the only person whose approval to all 1MDB investments and major transactions are mandatory under the company’s M&A (memorandum and articles of association).

Under the circumstances, it is shocking that PAC should have pointed its gun at poor Shahrol instead of the man behind him. Equally disappointing is PAC euphemising alleged criminality as “weakness”.

PAC is supposed to be a bi-partisan watchdog to ensure financial accountability for the nation. What have the opposition members done – kowtowing to the ruling members?

Oxymoronictendencies: Board of advisers never met ? But it seems that despite the board of advisers never meeting, the chairperson of the board of advisers (none other than Najib himself) was giving orders to the 1MDB board.

Surely an order to the board from Najib, that was then acted upon, is clear evidence of direct involvement and control by Najib. Or are we supposed to just ignore that minor inconvenience and believe that Najib had no involvement or responsibility.

The smoke is certainly clearing and the flames are lapping higher. I'm just bereft for words at the brazen spin and apparent gullibility of those lapping this up.

Dont Just Talk: Shahrol said that Najib refused to have a revaluation of assets offered for the joint venture with PetroSaudi International (PSI) despite the concerns raised by 1MDB board.

It does not take anyone with common sense to find out the reasons why it is not necessary to have a revaluation of assets when it involves investment in billions of dollars.

Anonymous 759201436321741: Why were the external auditors removed? The M&A of 1MDB stated all major decisions must be cleared by the chair of the advisory board.

Now, are the fall guys Shahrol and the board of directors? Who indeed is real decision-maker in 1MDB?

Armchair Newspaper: The evidence emerges from this PAC report corroborates other investigative reports by The Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report .

These reports do not exonerate Najib. On the contrary, they show that Najib was the alleged architect, benefactor and the final approving authority of what the Swiss banking regulator described as massive political corruption .

Only Najib and his diminishing sycophants are able to keep a straight face when denying the truth.

Rupert16: It is plain and obvious that Najib calls the shots on who and where the money went with respect to the 1MDB. To say that the PAC absolved him is yet another lie by Najib.

PAC did not clear Najib, Pua counters BN ministers

Anonymous 2362021442199789: The request by MP Tony Pua made is reasonable. It appears to be the minimum that should be done to clear up the questions pertaining to all that unexplained cash flows out and in via the many different offshore and foreign accounts.

In fact, sooner or later, the different ongoing probes by the foreign regulatory authorities will reveal all.

Perhaps we may end up choosing to be a 'closed' economy/society and go behind a 'batik' curtain to hide from the humiliation of being named the world's most corrupt country.

Negarawan: Pua, forget about it. There is no point in conducting any investigation within Malaysia as all government institutions have been compromised.

It is best for you and others to lend your assistance and cooperation to the foreign investigation teams, especially the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mushiro: Najib was not called to testify in PAC. The PAC did not establish who gave the orders to the 1MDB directors and officers to release huge amount of money without verifying the receivers and getting proper approvals.

Shahrol, some directors and the 1MDB management were blamed but Najib got away clean.

The PAC attempted to be very vague and not specific about Najib and his bank accounts, and they managed to confuse Malaysians. No one will believe this PAC fiction.

Ipohcrite: From what I read, PAC did not clear Najib, even though he wasn't, as they put it, directly involved.

No adviser is ever directly involved but their influence can be more than damning on the organisation concerned.

Instead of the PAC, Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak has now cleared the prime minister. So on balance, Salleh wields more power than the PAC.

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