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Can anyone now claim to be innocent, gullible or incompetent?

YOURSAY | ‘One who has RM2.6b in his personal accounts can definitely not be innocent.’

On 1MDB, is Najib innocent, gullible or incompetent?

RCZ: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is certainly not innocent, not gullible and not incompetent. He must have known exactly what was happening in 1MDB. The trail is clear.

Kuasa Rakyat: Najib may be incompetent. He may also certainly be gullible. But most of all, he who has RM2.6 billion (and by some accounts, RM4.2 billion) in his personal, private accounts can definitely and certainly not be innocent.

Appum: Well said, Malaysiakini journalist Hazlan Zakaria, exactly what I write about all this while. Someone, the real authoritative one, the one who approves all the big decisions must be held responsible and accountable. Not a fall guy, no matter how high his position in the 1MDB be.

All these point to the prime minister and finance minister, and the article in the company’s memorandum and articles of association (M&A) stipulates it. All those outside, be they citizens or foreigners, who had a part to play in all this scam shall be hauled up. Their participation and motives must be exposed. This is Malaysia and not some failed African republic.

We have laws, we have principles(religiously and secularly), we have honour, don’t we? All it takes is the person responsible and accountable to stand up and be brave to take the full responsibility for this massive national failure as a sovereign fund company, or maybe now, a ‘sovereign fun’.

Tan Kim Keong: Good piece, Hazlan. It is very clear. Based on the exposes and parliamentary accounts committee (PAC) report, he looks anything but innocent with regards to 1MDB.

Question is whether he is incompetent, culpable, careless, or acted with impunity with an intent, or all of these. Of course his supporters and loyalists have purposely misread the facts of the PAC report.

Bamboo: All transactions of 1MDB need the approval of the finance minister. So he is solely responsible. He's not gullible or incompetent.

Retnam: Hazlan, no need to beat around the bush (assuming you have not written a satire). What incompetence are you talking about? 1MDB has achieved the target it was created for.

The Sungai Besi land has become the new Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. And RM28 billion have disappeared, according to the PAC report. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad was right all along. Incompetence, my foot.

6th Generation Immigrant: A damning fact of the PAC findings (and very obvious) is that 1MDB is a ‘non-starter business entity’. Debts started at day one in billions and built up to RM50 billion eventually.

Where is the proper business plan before 1MDB started up, especially where government monies were used? How the 1MDB business plan got approved, and how the PM or finance minister could sit as advisory chairperson for such non-starters is indeed very questionable.

Either the PM is idiotic and forceful towards 1MDB ventures, or all of his ‘advisers, ministers, and head of civil servants’, etc. are incompetent.

Surely all these decisions point to whims and fancies of some selected few and that they were putting the cart before the horse. The entire advisory committee and management of 1MDB, plus the ruling government, are definitely accountable.

This should not have happened for a sovereign government, as now the Malaysian federal government and its citizens are seen as tainted, incompetent and perhaps corrupted by everyone in the world.

Anticonmen: If you understand company law, the decision-makers in a company (normally the directors) are liable for any fraud. If there is an ultimate decision maker as stated in the M&A, (finance minister), then he is solely liable.

If there is a shadow director (Jho Low?), then he is also liable.

Anonymous_1412829994: The CEO alone dared to defy Finance Ministry instructions, ignored the board of directors and sacked two audit firms in both the global and Malaysia Top 4 league?

This story will win the best selling legend in the below nine-month-old baby story-telling contest.

Touche: So does it mean that every criminal can now claim to be innocent, gullible or incompetent?

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