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‘Clown Najib’ makes it to Australia’s Gold Coast theme parks
Published:  Apr 14, 2016 8:14 AM
Updated: 5:08 AM

The protest image depicting the visage of Prime Minister Naijb Abdul Razak as a clown has made its way to theme parks in Gold Coast, Australia, posed in photographs with characters and mascots by a Malaysian currently residing in the land down under.

Abd Rafiz Abd Malek from Sungai Petani, Kedah posted a series of photographs on his Facebook profile depicting the protest hashtag # ?kitasemuapenghasut? with images of ‘clown Najib’ held and posed by various mascots and movie and cartoon characters.

The first group of photos was of at the Sea World theme park in Gold Coast Australia where ‘clown Najib’ was photographed with a slew of marine creatures and theme park performers, including a squid.

The second group of photos showed the ‘clown Najib' image being posed with comic villains and superheroes as well as cartoon characters at the Warner Bros Movie World.

When contacted by Malaysiakini , Abd Rafiz who said that he works on a farm picking fruits and milking cows, said that he shared the ‘clown Najib’ photos to protest against what he saw as grand corruption in the country.

‘Very disappointed with Najib’

“I shared those with # kamisemuapenghasut because I am very disappointed with Najib. It is because of him that Malaysia is in ruins, and Malaysia (at the moment) do not have freedom to express themselves.

“I do not see democracy, the corrupt are immune, yet those who report (them) are arrested. What laws are these? There are like laws during the dark ages... I really cannot understand,” said the self-professed farm hand.

He added the growing sentiment against Najib is spreading on social media and authorities can do what they may to stop the flood, but cannot stem the flow of the idea as the majority of people nowadays no longer find Najib and his scandals palatable.

Abd Rafiz related that he has been in Australia for eight months and came to the land down under to escape what he said was economic pressure back home.

“I migrated because here it is a developed country with less economic pressure, less imbalance between spending and earning ratios. In Malaysia even if one were to work like mad, it is still not possible to save money.”

Abd Rafiz explained that other than economic pressure, the increasingly unstable political developments back home are why many like him have migrated, though he said that he still harbours hope for Malaysia to change for the better.

“My hope is that the present administration is replaced as soon as possible, even if before elections, as the longer Najib is in power the worse it will be for Malaysia.”

‘Clown Najib’ is a protest image created by designer and activist Fahmi Reza who has been questioned by police over his contribution to the now growing # ?kitasemuapenghasut? movement urging Najib to resign amid his many scandals.

Part of Fahmi’s campaign of civil protest is to encourage Malaysians to paste, paint or spray the image all over Malaysia and wherever there are Malaysians, his challenge was accepted by many with images of ‘clown Najib’ appearing all over Malaysia, and indeed across the seas as well.

The growing movement is seen as another indication of public discontent against Najib’s administration and his persecution of all those who criticise him personally, or his rule.

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