Rebit has S’wak polls to thank for his ‘reconversion’


Modified 4 May 2016, 4:14 am

YOURSAY | ‘While I am happy for one individual, what about the hundreds who are left in limbo?’

Najib gave his word to drop apostasy case against S'wakian, says Adenan

Kawak: I hope the Christian Dayaks would not be fooled by this specific case. Even the prime minister has to instruct the National Registration Department (NRD) to allow the reconversion to Christianity by Rooney Rebit.

There is no written policy on this. This is just an election gimmick. After the election, it will be back to square one.

Bamboo: Rooney must thank the Sarawak 11th state election for a quick end of his reinstatement as a Christian.

Dr Patricia A Martinez: This is a one-off instance. What we need is a clear policy that civil servants will follow - and then again, they don't seem to care about what the PM tells them, that in 2009 the cabinet issued a directive to stop unilateral conversion of minors from a civil union, without the consent of the non-Muslim parent.

So while I am happy for one individual, what about the hundreds over decades who are left in limbo?

One has to wonder why a government department for all Malaysians is acting like an arm of the Islamic religious authorities. Surely the NRD has its own policy, rules, etc, for dealing with this?

If one is allowed, upon checking the MyKad one collects, to change the details when they are inaccurate (Indians invariably listed as Hindu when some are Christian), then why can't this also be accommodated?

Most syariah court judges do not have state legislation that enables them to accept apostasy, so sending them to the syariah courts is an exercise in futility. Is this justice?

Behsaikong: This clearly proves that only the powers-that-be can guarantee what legal cases can go forward or stopped at will. This is what our country has come to.

Anonymous 29051438068738: Indeed, this is irrefutable proof that PM Najib Abdul Razak and his regime are behind every one of the abuses suffered by those caught in the 'Islam' trap.

If he can simply direct government agencies to back off, based on his say- so, it is clear that the abuse we have frequently witnessed is not some bureaucratic snafu caused by a little Napoleon but a devilish Umno scheme to abuse non-Muslims.

Debater: Why should just one person be exempted and during an election? Use your brains, Sarawakians.

The choice of religion is a personal matter. It should not be determined by politicians or mullahs. No one has the right to impose a religion on anyone. And it should not even be an election issue.

Tpn: Najib, how about doing the same in peninsular Malaysia?

Ib: A prime minister is supposed to do what is right, and not make use of religious issues to win votes. Both Adenan and the PM have failed as leaders and this issue demonstrates that all they care about is their votes and staying in power. I am disgusted.

Fairplayer: Adenan, why should Najib be consulted? This is a Sarawak affair, no? Can't a Sarawakian choose his/her own religion? Isn't freedom of religion part of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement?

Whereabouts of Muslim convert Ridhuan unknown

Aries46: From a layman’s view Mohd Ridhuan Abdullah is a wanted criminal who is supposed to be on the police radar ever since he absconded from his civil law marriage commitment, deserted his family, secretly converted to Islam, secretly converted his minor children, kidnapped eight-month-old Prasana Diksa and went into hiding.

It is a wonder that this felon on the run for 10 years, and with contempt for the courts and his family’s plight, has been given so much of leeway to do as he pleases with the support of the Islamic authorities and the police who use the Syariah Court a convenient excuse to ignore the various civil court orders against him.

Now that the civil court has cornered the police, they are again washing their hands off with the filmiest of excuse - that the criminal is nowhere to be found.

Negarawan: The inspector-general of police (IGP), by choosing to ignore the Ipoh High Court judgment, gave Ridhuan an eight-year head-start in running away and going into hiding.

The excuse by the IGP of not abiding by the High Court judgment because of a conflicting decision by the Syariah Court is flimsy at best, given that the marriage was a civil marriage, and the civil judgment by the High Court should take precedence.

Was the IGP driven by religious bigotry and bias, resulting in damaging the lives of an innocent child and mother?

In Malaysia, conversion to Islam is a highly questionable method used to gain custodial rights over children involved in divorce cases, through the support of the Islamic authorities.

Can the minor, who was wrongfully converted to Islam, be allowed to renounce Islam and adopt her original religion?

If Islam in Malaysia is a religion without compulsion, and if religious freedom is respected, the child must be allowed to revert to her original faith. The proof is in the pudding.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Our police intelligence is second to none. During the Emergency, they hunted down the communists so efficiently and finally defeated them.

What happen to our intelligence branch now? Ridhuan is an amateur compared to the communists in the art of hide and seek. And it's an insult to the police of the Emergency era if Ridhuan cannot be found.

And, if they truly can't locate such a soft target like Ridhuan, it reflects very poorly of the present management under Khalid.

Anonymous 2336891439170985: On the other hand, they are superb in tracing and sniffing out bloggers for reasons best known to themselves. Some were even taken in within 36 hours with 2am visits to their homes.

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