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Besides you and me, who else will pay price of 1MDB fiasco?

YOURSAY | ‘So far, it looks like no one is guilty or responsible for RM44b in likely losses.’

Game over for 1MDB and Najib?

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: P Gunasegaram, thanks for the good article, which has sent chills down the spines of millions of Malaysians.

On reading your article, the only conclusions that can be drawn are: Right from the beginning, there were no serious intentions of making money from the ventures. Many in control of the company had allegedly devious ideas on how to milk it.

As a result, cunning schemes were apparently mooted to siphon off the funds to the tune of billions. An alleged theft of such astronomical sums cannot be effected without collaboration from people in high places.

Moving such huge sums from shore to shore without detection by our authorities is impossible without the blessings of the most powerful.

The worst part is that, thus far no one has been arrested or charged for this alleged super robbery of the people's money.

And, it boggles our minds that the leaders simply brush aside the issues, but instead defend the alleged culprit who has been stripped naked locally and internationally.

Existential Turd: There are about 30 million Malaysians of all ages. These losses amount to more than RM1,000 for every single Malaysian. Add up all the losses from the Mahathir years, this figure could well be in the tens of thousands of ringgit.

The sad thing is, poor Malaysians salivate at a mere few hundreds of ringgit in subsidies.

Clearwater: It is frightening how some allegedly greedy unconscionable people in positions of power will squander tens of billions of ringgit in public money so they can get their personal hands on a fraction of the loot.

If this continues as standard operating procedure for the corrupt in government, Malaysia can only go one way - straight down to failed country status.

Boeyks: RM44 billion is a huge amount of money. Taking the estimate of three million taxpayers (10 percent of the population), each will have to bear about RM15,000 to settle 1MDB debts.

I don't want to pay this amount through my taxes, as I feel that I have been cheated. I am very lucky that I have retired. Those who cheated and benefited from the ‘donation’, should bear the debt.

Dont Just Talk: Gunasegeram, the 1MDB adviser and board of directors should have engaged you as the CEO instead of Arul Kanda Kandasamy. At least you know where the money has gone, but not Arul Kanda.

When questioned what happened to the US$3.5 billion due to International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) but was instead paid to Aabar BVI, a company that has no links to the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, Arul Kanda said there was a possibility of fraud with inside help, or something to that effect.

Now he has turned around and said that it was not what he meant. At least, Gunasegeram, you are aware of 1MDB's elaborate, mind-boggling billions of ringgit in debts. Or, shall we say, the missing billions, which only the '681 American Pies' and his band of brothers can explain.

What puzzles Malaysians is why did the 1MDB adviser, who is also the finance minister and also the prime minister, go against the board of directors and the management's recommendation for a revaluation of the foreign assets valued at US$1.5 billion.

Was he protecting 1MDB's interest or the foreign shareholders’ interests?

Anonymous_1371508752: It is insane that no one is held to account with the evidence produced so far, which has not been challenged or debunked. How can such alleged crimes be committed with impunity?

MinahBulat: Those Sarawakians who support BN still don't realise that 1MDB affects them too. Hello, your oil revenue will be taken by Putrajaya to pay the debts.

SusahKes: Game over, or is it? Because, it appears to me that the 1MDB supporters are partying like it's... 2016.

Just look at all the smiling faces and their antics in the Sarawak election - from restricting opposition politicians to inducing voters with both carrot and stick.

You would have thought that US President Barack Obama's two visits here and his "promise to follow up", would have done the trick. Sigh.

I have this funny feeling that the big chief, if and when he secures a handsome score in the state (Sarawak) election, will stay the course - the scandals of 1MDB be damned.

Here's looking forward to his remaining two years in office. That's more than enough time for him to buy all the breathing space he needs, while international investigations progress at snail's pace.

Anonymous 1890491455255851: There is something to say about our system of government, that amidst a massive financial scandal involving a government fund, the finance minister and prime minister can continue to go about his business without having to give us the people an explanation or any form of clarity on this issue.

The fact that he remains completely distanced from this issue says much about his character, and it's not good. To have several highly incompetent ministers continuing to claim everything is a lie just doesn't cut it.

KL Lite: Good piece Guna. But are you sure the RM2.4 billion sukuk raised via Ambank is not at risk too?

How much of the relocation works for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) base in Sungai Besi have actually been done?

Countdown: The current leadership will bankrupt this nation and the rakyat will have to pay for many years to come.

We have seen what those famously corrupt past leaders in our neighbouring countries have done. Those countries are still paying for their misdeeds today. We are clearly walking this path.

Turvy: What is so disturbing is not just the enormity of the alleged theft, but the audacity of the perpetrators and the willingness of a large section of the population to accept dumb explanations.

Flamescanner: Recently, an unemployed man who stole a tin of Milo and some groceries worth about RM50 (I think) for his hungry kid was handed a 10-month jail term as a reminder to others not to take the law lightly.

I hope those involved in this alleged multi-billion scam are also aware that they cannot take the law lightly.

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