After all this time, opposition is 'still learning'


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YOURSAY | 'So disappointed. You will not get my vote unless I see significant improvement.'

Wan Azizah: We'll learn from S'wak to prepare for GE14

Sans Blinkers: Opposition leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, how many times have we heard the "we will learn" statement? Either, you provide strong and decisive leadership, or give up the presidency in favour of a stronger leader, but not to PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, who will only further divide PKR with his flirting with PAS.

Stand firm with DAP and don't allow them to dominate Pakatan Harapan but be realistic, reasonable and accommodating in the overall interest of Pakatan. If DAP does not behave likewise, break up Pakatan and go it alone.

In the short term, PKR will not perform well, but if the party builds a strong foundation with a firm and wise leadership, it will prevail eventually. Meanwhile, get down to serious work and not just talk about learning.

Anonymous 1595491436431853: Sincerely, I love Pakatan but now I hate them. Their leaders are all selfish, never learn at all. So disappointed. You will not get my vote and the votes of those around me in the next GE, unless I see a significant improvement in the sincerity of its leaders to work together to help the rakyat.

T C Chan: They will never learn. Not only is PKR now gloating over the three seats they retained but they are spoiling for a fight with DAP over the post of opposition leader in Sarawak. Warped sense of democracy, they have. Seven seats against three, and they want to be the leader of the pack.

Sam04: Yes, as usual, you are always learning from disastrous losses when in fact you should have done well if you all worked as one. Also for goodness sake, resign as president and put someone there like Azmin who is young, dynamic, has no baggage like an imprisoned and tainted spouse and someone who is actually a menteri besar. You may be a very nice person but "nice" does not win elections. Opposition parties, wake up.

Goldee: Wan Azizah, don't wait till GE14. We are watching if the three of you, PKR, Amanah and DAP, will compromise in the coming two by-elections. We will watch how sincere the three of you are, to work as a force against "Barang Naik".

Dingy: No matter what Pakatan Harapan decides, PAS will contest in all seats. PAS will contest in all DAP and Amanah seats with the objective of spoiling their chances of winning any seat. PAS' ultimate objective is to form a unity all-Muslim government with Umno to pave the way for an Islamic state, and making hudud the only law in the country.

Turning Malaysia into a Muslim country is its original objective. They know they cannot achieve this alone. Umno will ultimately abandon other BN component parties once the opposition coalition becomes a force to reckon with. If forming a unity government with PAS is the only way to govern, they will not hesitate to do so.

The fact that PAS is willing to join forces with Umno is because both have all Muslim members, hence it would be easy to make Malaysia an Islamic country with hudud law the only law in the country. That was the reason why Hadi could not work with DAP, which opposes hudud.

Anonymous_1423808262: With Kak Wan and Azmin helming PKR; there'll be more fiascoes to come. Let Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Anwar take over if PKR wants to survive.

Hello: What about PKR's shortcomings within Pakatan Harapan and any commitment to rectify them?

Anonymous 2415441461825515: During the second World War, the famous author, Dennis Wheatley, wrote an article on how the British could defeat the Germans. However, the War Office requested him to write a piece on how the Germans would defeat the British.

Based on these, the British strategised how to defeat the Germans. You see, you have to know all about your enemy before you can defeat him. The BN knows all about the weaknesses of the opposition parties. That's why it succeeds.

Fairnsquare: The only way forward for an opposition front is for one comprising, DAP, PKR and Amanah. PAS has to go on its own as it is too rigid and has clung on to its age-old communal and religious stands. A stand that has been used by BN or rather Umno to manoeuvre its own victory.

The focus should be on parliamentary seats not state seats. It is apparent that Azmin is stuck with PAS due to Selangor. The opposition must learn to look at the bigger picture, not personal benefits and positions. Only then can we see it moving forward.

Kingfisher: With all due respect it is exhausting to hear this humility about learning and putting things right before the next GE. Pakatan Harapan should have established a fundamental principle from day one of its inception and train its leadership on fundamental rules.

Anonymous 2415441461825515: Why only now we should learn from the Sarawak defeat? As leaders, you should know how to win in an election given all the circumstances. The problem is, the opposition leaders are poor leaders, including DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

After all these years in politics, he still does not know how to win. He talks big but does not seek advice from outside the party. There are many out there who can tell you how to win the elections.

Come GE14, they will sing the same tune. A leader must know/ have the right strategies to win.

Fair&Just: Pakatan Harapan must kick out PKR. Many Chinese will not vote betrayers like PAS and now PKR. Amanah and DAP can win elections. OR at least kick out Azmin.

RCZ: PKR, as you can see from the comments not everyone wants to give you a second chance. It will take a lot on your part. The only consistent party, consistent with its struggles, its principles and its vision, is DAP.

Unfortunately it is viewed as a Chinese party even though Chinese or not, they will do a fantastic job of running the country. Maybe the opposition won't win this time, but any party must be consistent, transparent, accountable and honest with the sole purpose of governing for all Malaysians.

PKR and PAS have so far failed. Amanah has still got a chance but it is caught up with religious issues. Leave religion out and sell a government for all. Educate the narrow-minded.

CHKS: One of the first thing Pakatan should do is to list out all the promises by Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem, as a baseline for his report card.

Anonymous #70881335: The opposition must learn to work with one another. Easier said than done, but still it must be done. Form a shadow cabinet. Otherwise, how on Earth can you convince the rakyat that you are ready to govern? No other way, I am afraid.

???xxx: Your leadership is lacking. Azmin and his cohorts have run riot in PKR and its overtures to PAS again shows how it is lacking in moral courage to do the right thing. I think the best thing for the opposition is for PAS and PKR to be one opposition entity, while DAP and Amanah work together as another opposition entity.

Hopefully that way, there is an alternative opposition for the electorate and if the PKR greed for power comes to the fore, then the voters can exercise their choice via DAP/Amanah.

Ipoh pp: Given up on your party. Had so much hope when you formed a united opposition. Greed and Azmin, who is a PAS ally, will get you nowhere. Time for DAP to join forces with Amanah and leave PKR to fend for itself.

Meow: During the Sarawak state election, PKR and DAP behave more like kids fighting for toys. Without Anwar, there is no proper coordination. Let's hope it will all change soon.

Kamalappans: Agreed, Kak Wan, first of all, can you put your deputy in his place. He seems to override you or are you dependent on him most of the time? Learn to say no, at times.

Yours and My Malaysia: After all this time, still learning.

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