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Yes, Maria barred from leaving by a gov’t drunk with power

YOURSAY | ‘What crime has Maria committed or is she a wanted terrorist on Interpol watch list?’

'Gov't not compelled to tell why Maria banned from travelling abroad'

Ipohcrite: I thought Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed was a principled man but I was dead wrong. Now, we all know better.

When power is given, it must be used judiciously and fairly, especially when serving the rakyat. Or has Nur Jazlan forgotten he is a ‘wakil rakyat’?

When a politician justifies the use of discretionary power without a good reason, or unable to give a convincing one, it is called abuse of power.

As the deputy home minister, we hold Nur Jazlan accountable for the abuse of power in Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah's case.

Anonymous_3f49: “It's a power given under the Immigration Act, we don't need to explain why... We are not compelled to give a reason,” said Nur Jazlan.

As the minister's boss is presently in London, perhaps someone should get British PM David Cameron to check this out with his Malaysian counterpart, apart from other topical issues Cameron may also be preoccupied with.

Anonymous_1371479577: The deputy minister's statement clearly shows how flawed the Immigration Act is. Anyone denied basic freedoms should have the right to know why.

Tailek: How can we call ourselves a real democracy when the government can ban a citizen from travelling abroad without giving a reason?

It is unheard of. Maria should challenge this in court. Surely even an exercise of discretion must be exercised reasonably and not arbitrarily.

Peter Kandiah: Nur Jazlan, what you are stating is not absolute. Yes, Maria can take it up with the courts and the government has to provide the reasons for the barring.

CQ Muar: This Umno turncoat sure can 'throw' his weight around as though he owns the country and interpret the law like a know-all.

This disgraceful man can be easily bought over overnight with the offer of a deputy minister’s position.

God willing, should there be a change in government, make sure he swallows his own words - punish him without furnishing a reason.

Dont Just Talk: Just imagine how a deputy minister’s post can change a person’s character, from a talk-big Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson to now making stupid statements, such as the government need not give reasons for barring a Malaysian from travelling overseas.

These are basic human rights and this man now sings a different tune just because he sits on the opposite side of the fence.

By the way, what crime has Maria committed or is she a wanted terrorist on Interpol watch list?

Rick Teo: Such people are treating the rakyat as their servants and they are our masters when the reverse situation should be the case. They are just simply drunk with power.

Bluemountains: Nur Jazlan's statement is akin to a servant telling his master, "I don't have to tell you why I'm not cleaning the house today."

Does Nur Jazlan know who pays his salary?

Appum: Maria is stopped because she is to receive an international award in South Korea in recognition of her work.

She probably won't be stopped had she been going to receive a donation from an Arab prince.

Real Truth: How can a minister be so irresponsible and not give specific answer on why Maria is denied from going overseas?

You are responsible to the rakyat and must give a proper reason on why she was denied from leaving.

Xed: Even the victim of the government's action cannot be told what is annoying the government?

Not knowing what is annoying the government, she cannot even try to modify her behaviour so as to not annoy the government? Is that how this deputy minister behaves towards his wife?

FellowMalaysian: Indeed, what a preposterous answer. There's little difference between Putrajaya and the North Korean government.

Nur Jazlan must have mud in his head since becoming the deputy home minister.

Anonymous #19098644: Communist governments and dictatorships don't need to have a reason to abuse their powers and don't need to give any reason to citizens because they have no valid reason.

Kangkung: Yes, only totalitarian countries ruled by despots bar their innocent citizens from travelling overseas.

The Umno government is now a government led by a cruel and oppressive dictator who can do whatever on a whim.

BohChaiSee: Vindictiveness, just plain vindictiveness.



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