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Does Azmin have vision to unite Pakatan folk?

YOURSAY | ‘Azmin needs to have his head 'transplanted' with an angelic brain.’

Can Azmin really replace Anwar?

Hardboiled: In order for Malaysia to move forward, we should look at the future. Deep down inside every Malaysian or even every human being, there is a soft spot for others. This is what keeps us from annihilating one another.

A leader should unite the people. Where is this vision? Looking back and rectifying past mistakes is not a vision. Looking forward and showing people a future to work towards, is.

Where is this vision? How do racial and ideological differences play a role? They shouldn't at all. We must be open to a future where such issues are irrelevant.

The leader I would follow is one who can truly show this, and that my fellow citizens is worth fighting for. Where is this leader?

ZhuGeLiang: A good leader must be able to unite the party and put all differences aside to fight for a common goal - win the next general election (GE).

Not Azmin Ali, though. Based on his records, I find him to be divisive and is only interested in pursuing his own agendas.

My view is that he will destroy the opposition if he remains in charge. Ironically, despite all the criticisms, PM Najib Abdul Razak is a much better leader than Azmin as Umno is firmly behind him.

I don't see much hope for the opposition in the next GE. Instead of helping Pakatan Harapan, Azmin is causing a lot of damage to DAP with his continuous association with PAS.

TweedledeeTweedledum: Like it or not, Azmin was one of the first few arrested and tortured during Reformasi in 1998.

He, his wife and children were humiliated in court and the eyes of the public when their DNA were tested to see if his children were indeed his. His mother, sister and family turned against him.

When PKR members like Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Chandra Muzaffar, Ezam Mohamad Nor, Rafizi Ramli and Saifuddin Nasution, etc, left in the early 2000s, Azmin stayed true to the reformasi struggle, PKR and its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The Analyser: The question should really be - can Azmin's philosophy replace Anwar's philosophy? And the answer is highly unlikely because Azmin has no philosophy nor apparently does PKR.

One could even say that Anwar's philosophy was not too wonderful, but to replace it with nothing is worse.

Azmin might well be aggressive and highly ambitious, but is that what Malaysia needs in a leader?

I would rather have a man who left his hormones at home and able to show some sort of insight into the problems of Malaysia, how to solve them and with some vision for the future.

Azmin's time in Selangor has hardly been a bright light in the Malaysian political scene.

Don't Worry Be Happy: To step into Anwar's shoe, Azmin still has a lot of miles to fly and most importantly, needs to have his head 'transplanted' with an angelic brain.

Sorry Azmin, you are simply not ready and unsuitable.

YouAreNotAlone: Firstly, Azmin should learn how to ‘sacrifice’. Period.

Three-cornered bouts imminent as Harapan to name candidates by June 1

Prudent: Don't worry about three-cornered fights in the current circumstances. The results will be a test of how strong Pakatan Harapan is in the peninsula without PAS' ulama faction i.e. barring election cheating.

Lamps: The Pakatan Harapan presidential council meeting has been postponed three times. Three times. Now they say candidates will be unveiled by June 1. I won't be surprise if they postpone it again.

Imagine the mess they will create if they rule this country. They can't even sit down for a meeting and make a decision.

Kuasa Rakyat: Sigh. They are still hoping that PAS, which announced that they will name their candidates on May 27, will not do so.

This will indicate that PAS is willing to "talk". Then at least they (Pakatan) have a few days to play around before "announcing their candidates", the latest by June 1.

All this is stupidity. Pakatan/Amanah must contest both seats regardless of what PAS wants or doesn't want to do.

I Wonder?: I hope it’s not too late for the Pakatan Harapan supporters and the people to hear that the two selfish power-crazed troublemakers are not involved.

It's crucial and high time for other moderate and sincere leaders with wisdom to replace them permanently to avoid further blunders. The people are not blind or stupid. Nobody is indispensable.

Spirit of Malaya: Good, let Amanah contest both seats, or Sungai Besar by PKR and Kuala Kangsar by Amanah.

Pakatan Harapan should prepare a stage for Najib to explain the 1MDB saga and RM2.6 billion in his personal account. The stage should stay open until polling day.

Let's see if he dares to speak in front of all the voters. And if BN still wins, this country is beyond redemption.

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