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Why must Rosmah waste taxpayers’ money on private jet junket?

YOURSAY | ‘Why couldn't this money be used to fund and expand the Permata programme?’

Rafizi reveals video in latest jet exposé, expects lawsuit

Kim Quek: Imagine if this video were to have been captured in UK with its premier David Cameron’s wife going up to the private jet instead of Rosmah Mansor to receive a minor award abroad, the expected public hue and cry would have shaken the Conservative government if not brought down the premiership.

The sight of the premier’s wife driven to the doorstep of the chartered luxurious jumbo jet and with a dozen personnel each carrying two heavily-loaded suitcases following the passenger into the jet’s cabin, would have left the British audience flabbergasted beyond words.

And how do you think Cameron could escape the wrath of his people over such a bizarre happening?

But of course, we don’t expect a similar response from our Malaysian public, who may have different values and different expectation from our leaders.

But we do expect PM Najib Razak would at least have the decency to tell us personally:

1. The full costs of Rosmah’s trip.

2. The chartering and running cost of the jet for the full chartered period, and justification for such a charter.

3. What were inside the suitcases?

Anonymous #19098644: The government has at last count five private jets before any disposal. Why must Rosmah waste so much taxpayers’ monies on a private jet (which flew all the way from UAE to pick her up)?

Why couldn't this money be used to fund and expand the Permata programme rather than on a stupid award in Turkey? Is Permata for the children’s benefit, or Rosmah's benefit?

Headhunter: Rosmah should be told not to accept any more awards if these awards are costing us, taxpayers, millions.

It's not worth it especially if they are not internationally recognised. It's like those fake degrees that Malaysians are so fond of buying.

Anonymous 117651438093233: This is ridiculous. It is normal for women to carry more bags than men as they have extra stuff such as bras, panties, sanitary pads, tissues, cleansers, clothes, accessories, etc.

Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli sounds like a gossip columnist in a gutter press. MPs should spend their time developing and reviewing policies.

Rosmah was going for a conference. She would have materials on Permata, child care as well as other promotional materials on Malaysia. Is it an MP's function to peer into women's bags?

Anonymous_3e21: Now this is interesting. I have always been curious about why the jet needs to make a Dubai stopover as it can easily be flown direct to Istanbul, thus saving more time for a lady in a rush.

Perhaps my curiosity is being answered now looking at the luggage and the stopover - duty-free Dubai - more so if the plane is an Emirates executive jet, which will land at private airport.

Like I said earlier, this matter must be investigated thoroughly. Thanks a lot, Rafizi.

Not-a-Fan: Seriously, the so-called video doesn’t say much. So what if there were so many bags?

I don’t understand what is so newsworthy, telling us about Rosmah. What’s happening to Malaysiakini?

It looks like the only person enjoying this expose is DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Good job, Rafizi!

AngryBird: Not-a-Fan, there is nothing wrong for Malaysiakini to report on this.

Not Convinced: I think this issues are not so much about the bags being hauled on board the plane. The video shows clear proof that Rosmah used a private jet to go to Istanbul.

It is the role of MPs and the media to hold power to account.

In this latest expose on Rosmah, we have the right to ask her, an unelected representative, why she is using taxpayers’ money – if indeed she didn’t pay for the chartered flight from her own pocket – on such a junket.

2 Tim 1:7: We, the ordinary rakyat, are routinely admonished to tighten our belts and pay the GST but this shopaholic, her husband and the other kleptocrats are spending our tax money like there is no tomorrow, money which we earn by the sweat of our brow.

Kingfisher: Strange that it is some 30 years since the Marcos' corruption and indulgence with public funds gripped the Philippine nation and Asean, and lead to the eventual end of Mr Marcos's rule and here we are now in present times Malaysia embroiled in allegations against Malaysia's first couple.

It seems surreal to imagine that we may be some three decades slack and lagging behind in catch up in corruption and in governance discipline to our Asean neighbour who seem to have engaged more progressive indicators on corruption and misuse of public funds.

Flyingeagle: Can someone in authority provide the expenses incurred by the wives from the first PM to the current PM using government facilities?

Oscar Kilo: Some people live their entire lives in the clouds, oblivious to the reality on the ground.

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