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Difference between a professional and a competent professional

YOURSAY | ‘What is important is that the party they represent must be morally good.’

Professionals they may be, but where’s the wow factor?

RCZ: The candidates should clearly state what they can do for their country and not what their country can do for them. This includes better education, eradicating corruption, bigotry, racism, peaceful living and earning, and equality for all Malaysians.

Their spokespersons, sons or other people should not speak for them and should realise that to do so is making a mockery of the democratic system.

MCA should say how voting for the BN candidate to give one more vote in Parliament for hudud can be a good thing. PAS should answer how hudud is in line with the federal constitution and Amanah must state their stand that this issue should be left out of politics.

Fair Play: There is a world of difference between a professional and a competent professional.

The local tertiary institutions have churned out thousands of professionals over the years. But in truth, how many are really competent professionals when oftentimes they think with their heart instead of their head to really understand and address economic, social and political issues afflicting the nation?

Worldly Wise: The level of education is secondary. What is important is that the party they represent must be both morally good and must take the country and the people forward.

Anonymous_40f4: BN’s candidate for Kuala Kangsar, Mastura Mohd Yazid, is a candidate of an allegedly arrogant and deceitful party.

For an MP, it’s not about doing things for the locals in Kuala Kangsar, that is the duty of assemblypersons and local councillors. An MP deals with national matters in Parliament like the draconian National Security Council (NSC) law.

Mastura, like all BN MPs, will be voting in block, ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’. So what’s the point in sending another ‘Yes’ BN MP to Parliament? We need MPs who fight for the rakyat and nation against corruption and tyranny.

The Analyser: Am I going totally insane, or has media-savviness now become an important issue in an election campaign?

All this business about hand-shaking and media friendliness it just another cover for the fact that none of these candidates has any party platform to offer to the voting public.

The only characteristic of any significance that has been mentioned here is PAS candidate for Kuala Kangsar Dr Najihatussalehah Ahmad of PAS’ unreliability, a sure winner in any election campaign, but a classical Malay characteristic - whether educated or not.

The candidates are ordinary because the parties they represent are ordinary, or whatever the word is to describe less than ordinary.

Anonymous Hotplate: Voters, especially the Malay voters, must be 'suci dan murni' during this fasting month of Ramadan not to take allegedly stolen and looted 'haram' money thrown to them by our 'cash king' in order to buy their votes.

Malay voters who respect their religion should not be cheated. Please be sincere to yourselves and be really 'suci dan murni'.

Fairplayer: If BN or PAS (still) win in the two by/buy-elections, despite the implementation of the NSC Act and the fast-tracking of the hudud/Hadi bill, then Malaysia deserves to spiral down into the dark abyss of the bottomless pit. This is a very scary prospect.

PAS: Caning under civil law is harsher than syariah law

Responsible Malaysian: It is not about whether one caning is harsher or less than the other one. It is about only one law applying to the whole community.

If you want harsher or less, just change the law through proper procedures. It is a joke to suddenly introduce a set of laws to cater to one particular group under the name of so-called ‘religious practice’.

Later, another one will propose another set of law for his religious group.

661423777312: In civil law, caning is for very serious offences like child rape, etc. Civil law does not cane people for drinking alcohol.

Under hudud, the caning for drinking alcohol is done in public. Imagine the shame and trauma and public humiliation that the person and the family would suffer even long after the pain is gone.

Norman Fernandez: PAS Sungai Besar candidate Dr Abdul Rani Osman, we will not be taken in by you. You said you have seen the public canning in Aceh.

I, too, have been to Aceh and witnessed a caning. The 100 lashes extract almost the same pain and wounds.

By the way, have you seen the caning in Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan or Afghanistan? There they even use batons and canes, which are meant to cause severe injuries.

Even the cane is swung from shoulder/neck high. Trust me, there were no books under the armpit. Just pure vengeance. You can fool many but me? I have been researching this topic since 1999.

Anonymous 2340211439301870: Rani doesn’t know the difference between playing games and gambling, how can you trust a doctor who speaks from the criminals’ perspective rather than that of the victims.

More children and women will allegedly be victimised under hudud for “nafsu jantan”.

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