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BN fights hard to save Najib in twin by-elections

The ‘we all get what we deserve’ by-elections

Quigonbond: I think the interesting question to ask is why would anyone vote for Umno, especially the Chinese? It's easy to explain that this is all because they prefer to have the crumbs rather than not have anything at all.

But it also means the Chinese are an amoral bunch of voters who deliberately ignore what Umno is doing to the nation - allegedly damaging the Federal Constitution, the constitutional convention, rule of law and independent institutions of governance.

I would roll over laughing if there is a Malay swing against Umno (and I believe this is likely to happen), yet Umno wins both by-elections because of a Chinese swing.

I believe that would completely justify the disdain that Malay Muslims have for the businessmen-class Chinese.

Onyourtoes: Writer S Thayaparan, what do you mean if the opposition wins, it will change nothing? What do you mean if BN wins it will only confirm the irrelevancy of the opposition? So why the need for BN to fight so hard?

Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar are everything to BN now. If BN loses in both, the end is near for this hapless regime, read my lips. Nothing happens in one go. In life, there is always the build-up, the combination of factors and the momentum that will bring about earth-shattering change.

Thayaparan, you said, "Federal power exercised corruptly for their benefit". Since when did federal power exercised corruptly benefit anyone? If you can't see this as piecemeal gratification, then you shouldn't be writing here.

In the long run, everybody loses when ruling elites are corrupt - fishermen, farmers, traders, businessmen and employees.

The federal government has collected RM36 billion through the goods and services tax (GST). May I know whether the fiscal position of the government is getting better? This does not include the potential liabilities that are likely to explode right on our faces.

Yes, for two weeks the people in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar are likely to be pampered. Then what?

We must explain the malaise to them in full. Failing which, we are just defeatist in our resolve, as simple as that. Don’t give excuses, please.

We want our people to give PM Najib Razak a black eye, not the world. It is wishful thinking if we think The Wall Street Journal, ABC or the Swiss and Singapore authorities will come to our rescue.

Ultimately, it is us, our fishermen, farmers, small traders, ordinary employees, who shall decide. And to help them to decide, we must nurture and educate them, not perpetuate a corrupt system that we have.

Drngsc: Corruption is wrong, Thayaparan. It is plain wrong. It is a cancer that will kill this country.

Yes, it is much easier (I am told) to bribe and give under the table for government contracts, but that is wrong. That culture will ruin us.

We must all condemn corruption and work to put an end to it. Amanah must win. That is a game changer. With a strong Amanah, Malaysia has a chance. Putrajaya will be within our grasp.

Anonymous 29051438068738: PAS working with "the most corrupt prime minister Malaysia has had" with no compunctions whatsoever, or the bulk of the rural public backing anyone with "federal power exercised corruptly for their benefit" merely underscores how far this country has come in its coordinated effort to be Southeast Asia's first failed Islamic state.

High corruption has already disabled this country's public and private institutions (as exposed in the Finance Ministry-backed 1MDB alleged heist) and it is only a matter of time that it keels over.

If anyone is wondering what a God-forsaken country looks like before it is fully and finally destroyed, just look around.

Clever Voter: It is very likely that the majority of the voters will endorse the alleged sins of the Najib administration.

This is consistent with their forefathers’ behaviour towards the British and the general perception among the locals that all things can be settled if you put money on the table.

We are a trading nation, all except their wives and daughters, can be sold. This is a harsh reality and a dilemma confronting NGOs and opposition parties with genuine agenda for change.

The abled ones have left. Those left behind pray hard that the horrid acts of politicians won't harm them. Well, they are wrong. Look at people and their support system. It’s in a shambles and undeservedly so.

Eyespye: People's minds change in reaction to life-changing events and catastrophes. They won't change by argument or reason. That's a plain fact.

Puff The Magic Dragon: How true what you said, Mr Sailor. A packet of sawi, a bag of rice, a RM500 white packet, and the naive willingly sell their souls.

Half a century after Merdeka, nothing has changed. The corrupted folk still rule the nation - with more 'gravy' added this time.

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