PAS No 2 urges ceasefire in opposition, wants guns trained on real foes

Modified 15 Jul 2016, 12:24 am

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has urged a ceasefire among opposition parties and that their guns be trained on Umno and BN instead.

He said that what was happening at present in the opposition was that all parties wanted to be heroes to show they were capable of defeating the ruling coalition.

“This results in the potential hero being eliminated first as others believe they are more qualified to defeat the enemy (Umno-BN).

“After the (opposition) competitor is defeated then only is the weapon targeted at the real enemy. This is the actual political situation in the country,” he added in a media statement.

Tuan Ibrahim said the people were confused and disappointed with the bickering among the opposition parties.

“This is what the rakyat is feeling now,” he said, asking if the current situation should be allowed to continue when there were more pressing issues confronting the nation.

“The financial situation is critical, with the higher cost of living and workers being laid off. The government is faced with budget cuts while abuses, corruption and wastage are rampant.

“These issues need to be addressed and the country must be saved from the present mode of destruction,” he added.

In view of this, the PAS leader said opposition parties must compromise without sacrificing their core ideals in order to focus on the “real enemy”.

Conceding that finding a compromise would not be easy since there is no single cure, Tuan Ibrahim, however, said the issues in which a compromise could be reached or otherwise should be identified.

“There are many common causes compared to differences. To achieve political tolerance, the common issues should be magnified and the differences minimised.

“In every political cooperation, history has shown that PAS as an old party has always been magnanimous by giving its seats, party machinery and financial assistance to the opposition. Is this not sufficient for PAS to be considered an ally?” he asked.

As for PAS, Tuan Ibrahim said the party cannot turn its back on issues concerning Islam, but would not infringe upon the rights of non-Muslims.

He warned that opposition parties risked defeat in the next general election if they cannot reach an understanding.

“If a compromise can be reached, then the one who will lose is Umno-BN,” he said.

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