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YOURSAY | ‘Malaysian Official 1 thinks that all Malaysians are illiterate fools.’

PM says truth will surface eventually, those implicated must clear their names

FellowMalaysian: It is hard to believe PM Najib Razak's words that the government pays serious attention to the US Department of Justice's court filings.

Since the allegations concerned 1MDB, a state trust agency, a concerned government would have immediately dispatched an investigation team to meet DOJ officials and to ascertain the identities of the various individuals mentioned in the affidavit.

So far, neither he nor the Attorney-General’s Chambers has taken the initiative to do this. Also, since the claim in the court submission that 1MDB's funds has been illegally siphoned away or embezzled, which hitherto to this, our AG Mohamed Apandi Ali has declared there were no criminal wrongdoings, shouldn't the government reopen the files and call for an immediate enquiry or initiate a white paper probe?

It is therefore rather disingenuous for Najib to disclose that he will give full cooperation to the upcoming legal proceedings when he, as well as Apandi, seemed to be quiescent in dealing with DOJ's allegations.

Citizen No 26: Indeed, US$3.5 billion is reported by DOJ to be stolen from Malaysian government-linked investment company.

A responsible PM will immediately contact DOJ to establish the facts and take actions to recover the Malaysian people's money. It is shocking that the PM is not taking such actions and only issuing ambivalent statements.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Najib, do you think DOJ simply cooked up those names and assets to be seized? And do you think that the US AG simply invent names?

When Riza Aziz and Jho Low were mentioned in the suit, no sane person is surprised. And all people, with no exception, know that you are ‘MO1’ (Malaysian Officer 1).

Existential Turd: Had he come clean and admitted all the wrongdoings when news first broke on the 1MDB scandal instead of evading and claiming the money in his bank account to have come from donations from some nebulous Saudi prince, he would have gotten a lot more sympathy from loyal supporters.

But the longer he stays and stone-walling, the more of his image crumbles in the eyes of Umno's long-time supporters. He and those who stick with him regardless of damning evidence will receive no sympathy, as former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not receiving any now.

Even if he repents in the future, it will be viewed with cynicism and askance.

Negarawan: “Whoever is named in those filings should take responsibility and clear their names, and ensure that the people’s money is not abused. That is the principle.”

That these words were uttered in a holy mosque clearly shows that the alleged main perpetrator behind 1MDB does not have any sense of fear of God.

It is deplorable that none of the 1,000 pilgrims had the courage to question the "principles" of the alleged perpetrator, likely out of fear they might lose their sponsorship.

They have a lot of soul searching to do. Not doing or saying what is right is a sin in itself.

Dingy: For those who wonder why the name of VVIP was not mentioned in DOJ lawsuits in rem to seize properties using 1MDB money – lawsuits in rem need not mention names of culprits to protect the person in office.

In such a case, the person implicated would normally leave office quietly so as not to be embarrassed when lawsuits in personam take place.

The follow-up lawsuits will be in personam - charges brought against individuals involved in the misappropriation. This time, their full names will be used.

Dont Just Talk: Malaysian Official 1 thinks that all Malaysians are illiterate fools, who can be fed with ‘dedak’ (animal feed) and be satisfied by the crumbs thrown at them, while the cost of living in Malaysia is on the rise due to massive corruption and the ringgit keeps weakening due to the endless, negative news on the 1MDB financial scandal.

Who is Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz who suddenly found himself richer by US$90 million and claiming it was a gift from a generous donor, and hopefully not the same rich Arab whom our DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi met.

Why is it for someone in power, when caught with his pants down, finding it so difficult to step down and shamelessly coming out with one excuse after another, despite US AG Loretta Lynch’s statements that billions were stolen from the Malaysian people using 1MDB as the vehicle.

Any sitting PM of a developed country would have already resigned.

GE14Now: If it is true that sooner or later, to use Najib’s words, we will know the truth, then it follows that some of us already know the truth 'sooner'.

We know very well who MO1 - the one who benefited from an illegally transferred US$681 million - is (after all, wasn't it you who admitted that the money went into your account - oh except that you said it was a donation?).

And of course, there are those who will know the truth 'later', much later because they cannot or will not see the truth. Here's a little truth for you - you already know the truth, don't you?

I hope you are preparing for your new digs. Have a chat with jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, he might fill you in on how to spend your free time.

Anonymous 568201438363345: I have to take my hats off and salute this man... You'll never come across another man like this for the next 10,000 years.

I must be lucky to be able to live in the same era as Malaysia Official 1.

Basically: Huh? It sounds like a certain someone hasn't been kept in the loop. Not very reassuring for one who is both PM and finance minister as well as chair of the advisory board of the fund that US claims had money stolen from it.

Did someone forge all his signatures? Or does some clerk do all the menial chairman stuff for him, while he goes golfing with US President Barack Obama?

Pak Man Telo: Perhaps Malaysia Official 1 is the janitor in the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office).

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