Three ‘Tan Sris’ should have spoken out earlier

YOURSAY | ‘Despite holding their tongue, they still get hit by these desperadoes.’

Umno Youth files report against Zeti, Gani, MACC chief over 'plot to topple PM'

Commentable: Umno's loyalists never cease to amaze Malaysians. They think performing monkey tricks like this will absolve their dearest MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) from criminal liability.

They have forgotten that the statute of limitations does not apply to crimes such as this (or even murder if I may add). They can only buy time for PM Najib Razak but that's all to it.

So looking at it plain and simple, the making of the police report is not because of any plot or conspiracy to topple the PM.

Rather, it is a plot to discredit the US Department of Justice (DOJ) - and by inference the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) too - by using former Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, former attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail and outgoing Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Abu Kassim Mohamed as scapegoats for a platform to launch a counter-attack on the DOJ's civil action.

The plot will later thicken when they try to link the three as conspirators working with foreign agents to get rid of "a democratically elected government". They know urban folks will not buy into such stories but rural folks will.

Myrights: One was the Bank Negara chief, another the former AG, and the third one, the outgoing MACC chief.

All three were investigating the massive 1MDB corruption case. Any fool can tell a high-level cover-up when the three chiefs investigating the case were apparently terminated or eased out of their respective posts.

This police report takes away any last remaining doubt.

FellowMalaysian: Coming just days after the DOJ-implicated culpable wrongdoings by Najib in the 1MDB ‘grand larceny’, this latest claim by none other than an Umno sidekick implying that the three “Mahathir's men” were conspirators conniving to topple Najib and the government sounds rather hollow and cheap - redolent of a retaliatory move hatched out by the powers-that-be.

Should what this group alleged has any truth in it, then this would mean that what the people had suspected had happened but were pre-empted later through Najib's intervention the past few months were all true.

So the charge sheet by the AG against Najib prepared during Gani's tenure was no hoax; the report that MACC was about to make a serious disclosure concerning Najib and MACC before its men involved in the investigations were hastily transferred was also true.

And Bank Negara's letter to AG Mohamed Apandi Ali by Zeti to initiate criminal charges against Najib was also true. Whatever happened will be known later in court, but Najib sure sounded desperate indeed.

Negarawan: MO1 is now desperate to save his face and save himself from potential criminal indictment. It can be predicted that he will make two moves.

1) Do a ‘Lester Melanyi’ to damage the credibility of the DOJ/FBI lawsuit. The narrative is that the three accused ‘Tan Sris’ have provided falsified documents to the US investigators.

2) Do an ‘Altantuya’ and shift the blame to the other parties named in the US lawsuit. The narrative is that MO1 has been misled and ill-advised by these parties, and was not aware that the billions that entered his personal bank accounts originated from 1MDB.

However, these are futile acts. In order to convince the US of this "falsified documents from the three Tan Sris” claim, thousands of electronic communication and records of US dollar transactions cleared through the US banking system need to be altered.

This is impossible. The US has advised the Malaysian government to be transparent recently. They were expecting MO1 to attempt to twist the facts.

Vent: You have got to give it to the Umno boys! They have been in the business of allegedly obstructing justice for so long they have honed it to an art.

So when asked for further details on the documents “falsified” by the three ‘conspirators’ named in the plot to topple the PM, Umno vice-chief Khairul Azwan Harun, who lodged the police report, said he “would only share the information with the minister in charge”.

We all know what this means. Justice denied! And when he said the timing “is up to the police”, we know what that means too. Justice won’t see the light of day!

Mushiro: It is naive of Khairul Azwan to believe that the FBI and DOJ have been cheated by the "twisted" facts allegedly provided by Zeti, Abu Kasim and Abdul Gani.

Does Khairul Azwan expect the FBI to believe Najib's statements and that of our ministers? DOJ has got evidence to clearly show that money was stolen from 1MDB and transferred to Riza Aziz's, Jho Low's and MO1's bank accounts and these monies were lavished on real estates, art works, gambling, etc.

This evidence will be produced in the US courts.

Not Convinced: Had these three Tan Sris known that they would be investigated now, they would have spoken out earliers, instead of going quietly.

It looks like despite holding their tongue, they still get hit by these desperadoes.

Anonymous 2362021442199789: This whole 1MDB saga is turning into a tragi-comedy. More and more morons are crawling out from the rotting woodwork.

It would have been really funny and entertaining except for the fact that the nation's future and standing in the world community is at stake. The whole world is having a good laugh at our expense.

In future, when we travel abroad we will have to keep our Malaysian identity secret and to have a brown bag ready to cover our faces when exposed as Malaysians.

A plot not to topple PM, but to cover up 1MBD scandal

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