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Transfer to Immigration temporary, says ex-MACC deputy commissioner
Published:  Jul 31, 2016 12:51 PM
Updated: 12:56 PM

Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission deputy commssioner Mustafar Ali said his transfer to the Immigration Department is only temporary.

He was transferred on short notice last week, departing on the same day as the anti-graft body with MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed and deputy commissioner Mohd Shukri Abdull.

"I am still an MACC officer, I am only temporarily seconded to the Immigration Department," he said in an interview with Utusan Malaysia.

Former Attorney-General's Chambers officer Dzulkifli Ahmad takes over the reins at MACC starting tomorrow.

Mustafar's transfer instead of promotion to chief commissioner and Dzulkifli's appointment raised speculation of attempts to undermine the independent commission.

Mustafar, however, said he looks forward to working closely with Dzulkifli in combatting corruption in the Immigration Department.

"We will still be a team to strengten the organisation I will be leading," he reportedly said.

He also described Dzulkifli as a "friend".

Mustafar said news of his sudden transfer was met with tears among the MACC staff, who rushed to his room when they found out.

He said he, too, was sad about leaving the organisation he has been part of for 30 years, first joining when the MACC was known as the Anti-Corruption Agency.

"During my (farewell speech), I was overtaken with emotions and shed tears when the 'Basmi Rasuah' (Combat Corruption) song was sang before the ceremony started.

"The lyrics of the song speaks of unity in fighting corruption, and I suddenly realised I will no longer be part of MACC but outside - it made me very sad.

"But I realise that struggles require sacrifice. So I say I am migrating, not abandoning," he said, vowing to improve governance in the Immigration Department.

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