With an AGC man in MACC, the circle is now complete

YOURSAY | ‘All top positions in MACC and AGC and police are seen in the hands of the Chosen One.’

AGC officer Dzulkifli Ahmad appointed as new MACC chief

Ferdtan: One was promoted to another department whereby it has nothing to do with any investigation into 1MBD that he was involved or had inside knowledge as deputy chief of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The other was from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), the department controlled by a newly appointed chief whose main duties, it seems, is to find no fault in PM Najib Razak’s alleged complicity in the 1MBD scandal.

So it is not surprising that a senior officer from that department had been “nurtured/identified” to take over as MACC chief.

The circle is now complete; now all top positions in MACC and AGC and police are seen clearly in the hands of the one who received the mega donation.

It is obvious where the police chief stands as he was the only person out of the four enforcement agency chiefs in the special task force to investigate 1MDB not named in the police report made by Umno Youth vice-chief Khairul Azwan for conspiracy to topple Najib.

Mushiro: Dzulkifli Ahmad is believed to have played a role in helping clear Najib over the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issues.

This seems to be the only consideration for the promotion. If this promotion can be done so impudently, there is no hope for Malaysia.

Ericlcc: He is only 48 and already at the top rungs of the civil service. I wonder how other officers feel about this rewarding blind loyalty thing.

Is he really that good or he is just top of his class when it comes to glazing the boss? After few years in MACC, he may probably be our not-too-distant AG.

Anonymous S303: AGC had closed the case, PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) has closed the case, Bank Negara has closed the case and now the last in the stable, MACC, closes the case.

Doors all shut internally.

Ib: God help this country! And this man and his family. If he is clean, he will struggle to do the job in a country where corruption has become systemic.

If he is not clean, he will be used as part of the systemic corruption while heading the anti-corruption commission.

My heart cries out once again for this beautiful country which is being run to the ground by weak and corrupt leaders.

Hang Babeuf: 1) "Dzulkifli also served as secretary to the special task force on 1MDB replacing Jessica Gurmeet Kaur after Mohamed Apandi Ali succeeded Abdul Gani Patail as attorney-general."

2) "During the Jan 26 press conference where Apandi announced that there were no grounds to file charges against the prime minister, Dzulkifli was seated next to him."

Popular expectations will be formed accordingly.

The situation in Malaysia these days recalls to mind the words of a noted Berlin artist who, in the early 1930s as the dark forces came to power, returned to his home, closed the blinds to shut out the world and said, "These days it is getting hard to eat as much as you must in order to vomit as much as you need to" or, "I could not possibly eat as much as I would like to throw up" ["Ich kann gar nicht soviel fressen, wie ich kotzen möchte"].

Keturunan Malaysia: Here’s a short story. An Afghan, upon landing in KLIA, introduced himself to the immigration officer as Afghanistan’s ex-minister of ports and shipping.

The surprised immigration officer asked, “But there is no sea in Afghanistan. How can you be the minister of ports and shipping?”

The Afghan replied: "Well, don't you have a minister for law and justice in Malaysia?"

Power, influence won't help alter God's judgement, Shukri tells AG, officials

Pemerhati: MACC's Mohd Shukri Abdull in his farewell speech said, “To politicians, ministers and elected representatives, remember you are there (in the respective positions) because of the people, serve with sincerity and integrity.

“Remember, one day, the people will be witnesses when we meet our Maker. At that point, positions will not have influence, no conspiracies, and no power will help you change the decision of our Maker.”

Shukri forgets that this is the 21st century and a lot of highly educated people do not believe there is a God or a Maker.

There is a strong possibility that many of the people referred to by Shukri also do not believe in God but they put up an outward show of piety to obtain the votes of the simple people, stay in power and then steal as much as they can.

On reading the comments of people like Shukri, the people who stole billions and their supporters are likely to have a good laugh while enjoying themselves at ‘haram’ places such as the casinos in Las Vegas.

Anonymous 23651434356067: It would not be hard to eradicate corruption if we can have more people like Shukri.

Shukri, when we meet on the other side, we will be still on your side. I am sure you will have many more 'votes' on the other side than any of the ministers or elected representative on this side now.

Here, they may win on postal votes. On the other side, however, Mohd Shukri will win on spiritual votes.

The Analyser: It’s a pretty dysfunctional society where men who are paid to pursue facts think they need to resort to prayer to resolve their problems.

Still, I guess that would give them another opportunity to discover that prayer never did, and never will, achieve anything.

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