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Ku Nan, open tenders are all about transparency

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YOURSAY | Surely it's best that everyone can see what's going on?

Open tenders can give problems too, says minister

Sin Lee Huang: Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, the open tender is about transparency. Everybody sees what is happening. Decisions must be justified and can be challenged.

While it is the aim to get the lowest bid, one need not go with the lowest bid if one can show good reasons; and past bad performance is a good reason.

Government and businesses vet bidders for this reason. Direct negotiations do not work well in Malaysia, if you are not in a selected group.

Telestai!: Open tenders do not mean the lowest price wins and we all know that, except for Ku Nan. Tenders are evaluated based on a set of criteria, and price is one of them.

Even then, it is no holy grail in keeping everyone honest. There are many ways to cheat in the open tender system, but at least it is a starting point. Negotiated tenders are just a lazy way of cheating.

Bob the builder: Tendering is one issue and monitoring the progress is another. DBKL should monitor the progress, stage by stage, and if the contractor is being slow, he should be warned of the deadlines.

If nobody is monitoring the contractor on its weekly/monthly performance, then it is the fault of DBKL for not doing its part to keep track. Ku Nan's argument is pure nonsense, which can only tell us that DBKL is not doing its job.

Gaji Buta: Ever heard of 'lowest technically qualified bidder'? As used by everyone in the world?

Dr PM: What nonsense. Open tender is not about the lowest bidder, it's about value for money with credibility in completing the projects within established criteria. Problems with open tenders only happen to crony tenderers.

Discerning reader: If you do not know how to conduct open tenders, then find someone who knows. It does show that political appointees neither have the brains nor organisational skills.

The more they open their mouths, the more it shows how little they know and we wonder why these people are appointed by the present leadership to take such responsible appointments.

No wonder our country is in dire straits due to mismanagement at all levels because appointments are due to patronage, and not according to capability and integrity. There are many bumiputera that are very capable, but sad to say, you are not one of them.

Speakthetruth: First, you need to prequalify suitable tenderers for their capabilities for a particular project, and not cronies.

Tan Kim Keong: Why would anyone be surprised that this minister is casting doubts and negativity on open tenders for government procurement despite it being the right thing to do?

It has nothing to do with low bids and uncompleted projects. Project risks are a reality and this is why mitigation clauses are included before projects are awarded.

GE14NOW!: You are absolutely right - open tenders can give you problems as it makes it that much more difficult for you to cheat.

Pemerhati Bebas: And since when have closed tenders met the deadlines and within the budgets?

Senior Citizen: Other countries practise open tenders and they always get their jobs completed. Is it either this Umno government is so incompetent to run a country or is it just too corrupted?

Xmen: When a tender is called, there are guidelines to follow. Who says the lowest bidder is sure to get the job?

Headhunter: Don't tell us that all "negotiated" tenders were given to competent crony contractors. We have reports of abject failures on deliveries and cost overrun, and above that, chronic corruption, involving government servants and politicians.

Hasn't Kun Nan heard of pre-qualification requirements that's normally expected from contractors? Like sound financial position, expertise, track record, manpower, equipment, etc?

Hopeful123: Who says that you must give the tender to the lowest bidder who cannot deliver the project on time? There are so many conditions attached to the tender before it can be accepted.

I am sure there is a tender board to vet and see who can provide the best value for money. Ku Nan, we expect better comments from you.

It would have been better to say that you support the open tender system, and will do everything to ensure that it is successful, instead of saying nonsense.

Slumdog: So Tengku Adnan, please tell us which multi-billion or million-ringgit projects awarded through direct negotiations that have not exceeded the initial budget, were completed on time, where the infrastructure did not collapse, or required millions more to complete the job.

SpecialBrew: Government contracts awarded through direct negotiations can result in work being restricted to the same old names, most of the time awarded to cronies or highest under-table money contributors, or involved kickbacks in the deals.

This normally results in the tender value being inflated. Open tender is not restricted to the lowest bidder, but consideration is given to other technical competencies.

The evaluation of open tenders must be carried out by a suitably competent evaluation panel and in accordance with the principles of equal treatment, non-discrimination and transparency.

The confidentiality of the information acquired by those involved in the evaluation process must be preserved. Then there are priced and unpriced open tenders. How come a minister is not aware of these basics?

Drngsc: Open tenders only give problems to those who wish to make side money. It is much cleaner than closed awards. Technically speaking, you can evaluate and award the contracts to those capable of doing the job.

Victor Johan: Ku Nan, surely you don't think we are that gullible and stupid, do you? At tender evaluation exercises, it's never the lowest price that wins, as there are other criteria that need to be studied.

Do you agree that this logic of yours should be debated in a forum, of course with you participating as well? Come on organisers, do it fast.

Multi Racial: There is no doubt every tender system has its strengths and weaknesses. Regardless, the advantages of open tenders still outweigh the other forms. Direct negotiation is the worse, as it leads to corruption.

Apa 1Malaysia?: First, I heard today Ku Nan's comments that declaring his assets publicly will endanger his family. Now open tender can cause problems to the government. Najib, is this the best person you have for this important job? Malaysia deserves better.

Hang Babeuf: "Open tenders can give problems too," says minister. Secrecy is always better in principle, Ku Nan insists. Some of us, he might plead, do our best work in the dark.

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